Spoiling Your Pets: Extra Special Ways to Make Them Feel Loved

One of the joys of having a pet is pampering them with treats and fun activities. However, if you’re looking to stray from the usual and give them extra love and attention today, here are eight extra-special ways you can spoil your pet.

Buying them ‘Designer’ Pet Accessories

A spoiled pet is a fashionable pet, and one of the best things you can do to spoil your cat or dog is getting them ‘designer’ pet accessories such as a gemstone collar and other types of cat and dog jewelry pieces.

Luxury Pet Furniture

If you’re looking to go all out, what better way to show that you love your pet than investing in an expensive and comfortable piece of dog or cat furniture? This could be anything, whether it’s a handmade stylish dog bed personalized to the smallest details for your pup with a royal personality or a massive cat tree for your beloved cat. It’s a great way to show your furry friend how much you appreciate them.

Dedicate a ‘Fun’ Day for Them

What better way to show how much you love your pet than dedicate a day for them? If you have the time, free your schedules and spend time with your cat or dog. You can do this in several ways. For instance, if you have a rambunctious kitten or playful puppy, there’s no better way to help them have more fun than visiting a pet store and letting them pick out a new toy that they like.

You can also pick up your cat or dog and let them do their favorite things, whether it’s dining out, going to the park, or exploring nature. Going on road trips with the windows open is also a great way of giving your pets fresh air. Finally, if you have a friend who also has a pet, scheduling playdates with your pets is a great way to spoil your pets, helping you give them the social hours they deserve. Just make sure your cat or dog is used to hanging out with other animals.

Pet Daycare or Pamper Them — Professionally

Although leaving for work may be a routine for most pet owners, sometimes, it can be challenging to resist the sad face or affectionate head rubs from a cat when you leave for work. Fortunately, pet daycares are a thing and provide several benefits. Not only is it fun for your pups or kitties, but you’ll also feel better knowing your pet is spending their socializing and having fun.

However, if you’re not comfortable leaving your beloved pet with other animals, scheduling a pampering treatment for them is an excellent choice. Besides the regular grooming sessions, you can also have your cat or dog get a soothing massage or infrared sauna to soothe their muscles and minds.

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Buy Them Interactive Toys

Bored pets, especially cats, can become very mischievously playful, which isn’t good for anyone or your home. That’s why it’s best if you buy your pet an interactive or ‘thinking’ toy that can help them preoccupy themselves for a while. For instance, a peek-a-prize toy box can help your cat stay active while enticing their hunting and stalking instincts to play, keeping the rest of your things safe.

Get the Perfect Brush For Your Pet Brushing can build a strong bond between you and your pet while stimulating their skin and cleaning their fur. Plus, it can prevent shedding, making it the perfect all-around activity you can do to spoil your beloved pet and bring you two closer.

Celebrate Their Birthdays

Like how people celebrate their birthdays, make your pet feel super special once a year by celebrating their birthday. You can do this by baking or ordering them a specially made cake just for them, inviting their friends alongside your friends and family to celebrate.

Take Your Pet for a Swim

Whether you have a dog or cat, many furry friends love being in the water. However, some breeds may like it more than others. For instance, for dogs, Labrador Retrievers are naturally drawn to the water more than the others. The same goes for the Siamese breed in cats. So, find a safe body of water, free of strong currents and chemicals, and let your pet jump in—while keeping an eye on them. If your pet has swum before, go slowly and let your cat or dog use a life jacket so they can get used to getting around the water safely.

From luxurious pet accessories to a whole day of fun—consider following any of the best ways to spoil your pets today and every day, helping you show how much you appreciate and love their existence.

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