Eyelash Extensions: Are They Worth It?

Having long and luscious lashes is what every woman want for themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with the perfect eyelashes. As much as you want to highlight your eyes, it seems impossible to do so because your lashes lack volume and thickness.

Fret not, however, because today there are now ways that are made available to give you the lashes you always wish for and among these procedures is the eyelash extension. The process itself is pretty straightforward which involves semi-permanent glue and soft synthetic lashes. Each extension will be placed individually together with your natural lashes to create thicker and longer lashes.

Many people you see with sassy eyelashes in Las Vegas undergo this method to achieve that sultry look. However, there are still quite a few who are hesitant about this procedure. This is why to help make up your mind on this, here is a list of things you can enjoy when you get it done.

It Dramatically Enhances Your Eyes

Admit it or not, but your eyelashes can make a lot of difference to your eyes. Undergoing this procedure would certainly help you highlight this part of your body. With thicker and longer eyelashes, you’ll definitely look brighter, younger, and prettier. Aside from that, it can help compliment the color and shade of your eyes which can totally upgrade your look without so much effort.

It is a Simple & Pain-Free Procedure

As compared to getting double eyelid operation, the pain involved in eyelash extension is none. Although it can often take two hours or so to finish, you can easily get back to your normal routine after receiving it. What’s even more is, you can barely feel any changes since they are super lightweight once they are placed along with your natural lashes. You wouldn’t have to worry much on the pain. They will simply glue it in place and that’s practically it.

There is No Recovery Time Involved

Unlike when you have anything done with your face, eyelash extensions don’t require a healing period. As they would practically glue the strands, there are no stitches, burn, or whatsoever. The next day, once the extensions are glued and set in overnight, you can go on your normal makeup routine with eyeshadows and all those stuff.

It Gives Back What Your Money’s Worth

Woman with long eyelashes

Rather than spending a hefty amount of money on your eyelashes, with extensions no need to spend that much. As most of you invest a good amount of money on mascara, curlers, and etc. (which doesn’t often come in cheap), having an extension every once in a while good certainly give you more savings. Before turning this down, think again.

It Makes Your Lashes Easier to Style

For most times, people spend hours on perfecting their lashes because let’s face it, lashes on fleek always look godly. When you get eyelash extension, you’ll never have to put that much effort in plumping up your lashes. While mascaras do help, it can often cause smudges which are totally unsightly and hard to remove.

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the person’s soul. This is why people take every chance they could get to make their eyes look more attractive and beautiful. Eyelash extension is among the few worth it procedure you could do. It makes you look good as well as bring out a whole new level of confidence to your being.

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