Small Businesses and Their Invaluable Contribution to the Local Art Scene

We have talked long and hard about small businesses giving back to the communities that support them. After all, where would you be if not for the same people to whom you want to give back? Tourists won’t take you to where you are now. Only the locals have 100% supported your business from the start. And while small-business owners can always talk about attending community events, sponsoring local athletes, and donating to charitable organizations, what they usually forget is to give back by encouraging and supporting the local art scene.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a nice booth during a local festivity, why not put that money into supporting the local art scene? They don’t nearly get as much attention as other members of the community. They are respected but not given much attention to. So if you want to truly give back to the community, why don’t you give the art scene the attention it so richly deserves?

Host Exhibitions in Your Place of Business

What better way to show support to the local art scene than by giving them a small space in your place of business? You can hang local paintings on the walls or ask a local artist to paint a mural. How about some nice sculptures as the center of the display in your restaurant? A pub will do well if it has paintings with a vintage theme on its walls, while retail stores can highlight pop culture through some local artwork.

Aside from displaying their works, you can actually use them as a focal point of an event. Organize an event especially for the local artists. They can invite their friends and family. Don’t charge them for the use of the venue. Just charge them for the food and drinks they will consume. Think of this as giving back to the community and as a way to market your business. Once their network knew about your business, they’ll come back even when there’s no event. You’ll gain customers by offering your space.

Collaborate with Local Artists

You can also collaborate with these artists instead of merely giving them space in your business. For example, you can let them design your business’ merchandise such as shirts, hoodies, gym towels, baller IDs, and even small items such as mugs, key chains, and bottle openers. You can give these items to your loyal patrons, or you can sell them in your shop. If you’re a local institution in your area, residents there are bound to want to own memorabilia from you. It’s a great marketing strategy.

Local artists will love to help small businesses. They know it’s for the economy. But more than that, they want the opportunity to showcase what they can do. All local artists need is the opportunity that small businesses can provide them with. Even in a struggling economy, businesses can help local artists make a name for themselves.

Organize Game Nights

Before the coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on people’s lives, some usually spend Friday nights in bars and pubs participating in game nights. What exactly are game nights? This can be anything from trivia to quizzes to drinking games. They are a great icebreaker for when the business seems slow. People love entertainment and competition. What better way to give them that than through game nights?

So how can you help local artists through game nights? Simple. You have to make the game night about them. Maybe you can show off a couple of their artwork and let customers name them creatively. Whoever guesses the correct name or gives the artwork the most creative name will win a prize. It’s either a miniature replica of the artwork or an item from your store. This is another unique way to market and advertise your business while helping the local art scene.

Make a Vlog

Why shouldn’t you make a vlog about what you’re doing? Be completely obvious about what you are trying to do. Make everyone aware that you are helping the local art scene. Everyone in the community should help each other with their interests and passion. If they are dining at your restaurant or shopping from your store, why does supporting local artists seem so far-fetched?

Determining your role in the community is always a difficult thing because many factors come into play. What can you offer? What does the community need? How are you going to benefit from what you’re going to offer? These questions will make any business owner take a long, hard look at the business’ strengths and weaknesses. However, giving back to the community is non-negotiable. There is nothing more noble and profound than for a business to use whatever leverage it has to empower communities.

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