Pet Guide: 3 Suggestions for Preparing for a Dog

As they say, dogs are man’s best friend. But for many dog lovers, their pooches are more than just a friend — they’re family. In fact, some dog owners even treat their four-legged family members as their own kids. Well, who could fault them? Dogs are very loyal, loving, helpful, and entertaining.

If you’re thinking of getting your very first pooch, take a cue from these dog owners and treat your would-be pooch as a new family member. And this entails preparing for your dog — even if it’s not a puppy — like you would for the arrival of a little bundle of joy.

Here are three tips for getting ready for your furbaby.

1. Dog-proof your house.

Like children, dogs are curious, which can easily get them into a lot of trouble even when they’re just inside the house. Aside from training your pooch by yourself or at a dog obedience training school such as those in Loxahatchee, dog-proof your home to avoid mishaps and accidents.

Start by securing objects (e.g., vases, figurines, and picture frames) that might easily topple over and by putting away items (e.g., coins, earrings, and keys) your pooch might mistake for doggie treats.

You should also consider putting up a pen or gates at entryways and doorways to prevent your dog from accessing certain parts of the house or slipping out altogether.

2. Get dog essentials.

As with a new baby, your dog will need a lot of stuff for its sole use when it comes home to live with you. First and foremost is the food (dry or wet), which may require you to do some research to find the best one for your pooch.

Of course, your dog will also need food and water bowls or feeders. For its grooming needs, the essentials include a comb or brush, soap or shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, and nail clippers.

You should also get your new dog a bed and some toys and treats to make it easier for your pooch to feel comfortable in its new home. And for going for walks outside, a collar and a leash are the must-have items for your pet.

3. Look for a vet.

dog at the veterinary clinicSimilar to babies and kids, your pooch will have to be seen by a healthcare professional to ensure its good health. This is why finding the right veterinarian is very important. Your vet, for one, will give the shots or vaccines needed by your pet.

If you decide to have your dog neutered (male dogs) or spayed (female dogs), the vet will also be the one performing the procedure. And as your pooch will likely get sick or injured at one point or another during its lifetime, the vet will be your partner in nursing your four-legged baby back to health.

A dog is more than a best friend. This four-legged and furry creature is a family member that will be loyal to you and entertain, help, and love you with all its heart. So if ever you do get one, make sure you prepare for and treat the pooch like family because it deserves nothing less.

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