The Biggest Engagement Ring Trends This 2019

If you are planning to get engaged this year, the time is now to start looking at your engagement ring options. Maybe you will choose to go with a timeless round solitaire engagement ring or a modern gothic ring. But if you want something of-the-moment and new, you need to see the biggest trends this year.

The Modern Solitaire

This year’s engagement ring trends are mainly simple, yet sophisticated and timeless. A popular trend right now is the upgraded solitaire, with the classic diamond as the focus of the ring and the right metal to highlight the diamond. Done right, you will get a classic solitaire that is timeless and traditional, but updated and very modern.

Colored Stones

Multicolored and rainbow is having a moment right now, and more and more brides-to-be are leaning towards them. So, be on the hunt for affordable engagement rings with colorful gemstones that are usually clustered. Of all the colored stones, however, lavender stones are extremely popular. If lavender is your thing, opt for stones that occur naturally in purple hues such as sapphires.

Two-Stone Styles

Two-stone rings come in very distinct and unexpected styles, but still have that classic appeal. This style is perfect for couples who are searching for something that is more unconventional. With this engagement ring style, you can use two of the same kind of stones, a colored stone with a clear stone, gemstones, diamonds, etc. The options are endless.

Art Deco and Geometric Rings

Basically, these are engagement rings in the Art Deco style but with a more modern appeal, specifically in terms of practicality. A lot of women love the Art Deco ring styles, but real vintage finds could be very impractical for daily wear and modern women.

Their stone settings are usually too high that they can easily catch on something, plus worn and older settings might increase the risk of stones falling out. Fortunately, you can now find Art Deco style rings that have been updated to suit the lifestyle of modern women. Hexagon diamonds will also become popular this year. These are from the step cut family that includes hexagon, lozenge, kite and shield.

Eternity Bands

The engagement ring setMore and more brides-to-be are going with unusual and bigger eternity bands instead of the standard solitaire because they can use these bands as a base for a stack of rings on their wedding finger. The classic solitaire just is not practical for everyone, especially for very active women and those who do not like too much bling.

Baguette Diamonds

These diamonds can be used as accent stones on the sides of a center diamond or utilized by themselves for a bespoke and modern style. Since baguettes are very tiny, jewelers can easily play with them to make shapes that are fresh and modern.

Every bride-to-be deserves an engagement ring she can flaunt. Whether you’re browsing online or actively searching for the perfect engagement ring, consider the engagement ring trends above to help you find the perfect one to say “I do” in.

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