When Trees Turn Dangerous

Trees are a prominent feature of the landscape of most suburban areas. They’re seen in parks and playgrounds, and there are some of them planted in household yards. Trees are beneficial, as they improve air quality, prevent soil erosion and provide shade and shelter from the sun. Trees also make a house more appealing to passersby and potential buyers.

However, trees can go from decorative to dangerous if they’re not managed properly. They could fall on houses or cars, cause injuries, damage drains and block access to areas. Though home insurance covers costs caused by fallen trees, it’s certainly better to avoid filing a claim in the first place.

Councils like Guildford hire experts like tree surgeons and arborists to regularly inspect and maintain trees so that they don’t pose harm to residents and their properties. Residents themselves can take a proactive approach in making sure that the trees in their yard are well-maintained.

Inspecting Your Tree

Trees often display warning signs that they may be in danger of falling. To inspect a tree thoroughly, examine its four zones: the tree as a whole, seen from a distance; the ground and visible roots; the trunk; and the branches and leaves.

The most telling sign is if the tree is leaning too much. Deep cracks on barks, falling branches, rotten roots and the sight of mushrooms growing around the base also indicate that a tree could fall.

If you’re not sure if the tree is dangerous, call an arborist to make an inspection. A skilled and certified arborist can detect other signs of trouble and will recommend a course of action. They may recommend taking down the tree if they find it to be in danger of falling. When this happens, it’s strongly advised to inform the local council before hiring a tree surgeon to remove the tree.

Call an arborist to inspect your tree at the end of every season and at the end of serious weather conditions. Regular maintenance also reduces the risk of common tree issues arising. Make sure to prune, fertilise and water the trees to ensure that they’re healthy all year round.

Dealing with Dangerous Trees

Truck removing fallen tree

Despite regular maintenance, there are instances beyond your control that will cause trees to fall. Adverse weather conditions like thunderstorms and high winds could break a branch or cause a tree to topple onto a car or a house and possibly injure people.

It’s important to call for help as soon as possible when a tree falls. Contact your energy supplier if the tree fell on or is close to a power line. Call a tree surgeon to remove the fallen tree instead of doing it yourself. Although it pays to be proactive, removing the tree yourself is risky. Tree surgeons have specialised equipment and have more experience in removing dangerous trees.

Trees are valuable to a property, they improve the value of a property and provide visual appeal. However, they become dangerous when they’re not managed properly. Being aware of the warning signs and knowing how to take care of a tree reduces the chances of possible damage. Moreover, it helps to call experts who specialise in inspecting trees and dealing with them in dangerous situations.

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