More Than Work: Functional Stress-busting Additions to the Office

The working environment is challenging and competitive for a lot of individuals, especially in companies where you have to always be at your best to stay employed. It can also mess with someone’s head since there may be harmful effects on their well-being and overall relationships with other co-workers. Yes, stress is prevalent within the workplace, but that’s all part of the contract. Despite that, many offices continue to improve their spaces in relation to providing better working conditions for their employees and occupants, and they’re known to produce positive results.

Nursery or Day Care

Speaking of catering to every need, some working individuals don’t have the luxury of having a nanny or babysitter to take care of their children, let alone the money to pay for it. Some are even uncomfortable with leaving their kids in the care of a stranger due to safety reasons. A day care in the office is something that they can benefit from because they can leave their child in an area where they can check on them during break. Since offices are well-secured, safety is not in question. Kids won’t be bored either because the day care can have facilities that are tailor-made by children’s play equipment suppliers. They could either be inside the day care or even outside for a nice breather. In any case, this is a big resounding “yes” to parents who work in the office.

Play Area

office lounge

You hear it all the time: all work, no play makes Jimmy a dull boy. However, the meaning of this proverb goes beyond being at school. Even if we adults have our responsibilities, we still have the need to loosen up and do the things that we want to do from time to time. This is a fun way to reboot our systems or release stress. Play areas have been known to thrive in offices, especially in those that want to make sure their employees stay sane while dealing with the everyday challenges of work. These spots may range from ball pits to video game corners depending on what the majority likes or the budget allows. Employees get the chance to release their inner child and maybe improve their interactions towards their comrades.

Go Natural

At a glance, office buildings are towering monuments with multiple glass panels. On the inside, however, it can be a different experience. Offices still rely on lights even if it’s the start of the day. While that would really help especially for paperwork, we need to be exposed to natural lighting once in a while. Sunlight is one way to increase the productivity of employees due to the positive effect it has on people. To be specific, seeing the view from where you’re standing or sitting is a great way to refresh your mind and just relax even for a few minutes before getting back to the grind.

Even if the company is driven by performance and numbers, the priority should be the employees’ needs and well-being. Without them, the company wouldn’t have the workforce needed to reach objectives that will keep them lucrative. At the end of the day, we are people. Jobs are only a part of life; but there are things we need to survive; and we also need reasons for living.

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