Wedding Coordinator or Wedding Planner: Which One Should You Hire?

Planning for a wedding may not be as easy as it seems, even if it’s only an intimate one. You will need to consider several things to ensure the success of your special day. From choosing your team of bridesmaids to the catering services and event venue, it is important to do your own research and seek help from those who should know better.

The first thing soon-to-be wedded couples should think about is finding the perfect venue for their big day. There is at least one venue in Kent that is perfect for a barn wedding. A lot of soon-to-be wedded couples also hire a wedding planner or wedding coordinators to help them with the preparations leading up to their wedding day.

Wedding planner vs. wedding coordinator: What’s the difference?

When it comes to weddings, they are the ones you should call. They should know better in terms of preparing for your dream wedding. However, it can be confusing, especially for those who are not familiar with wedding planning. The question is whether wedding planners and wedding coordinators are the same.

On the one hand, the former is mainly responsible for the majority of the wedding planning. These people are the ones who do the finding and recommending wedding vendors and negotiating with the supplier contracts, down to the budget and logistics monitoring to ensure that the preparations are going smoothly. They are with you from start to finish.

On the other hand, the latter is also focused on the logistic aspects of the entire wedding planning. However, the difference is that wedding coordinators will enter the scene about a month before the big day. They will make sure that everything is accomplished – all needed payments have been made, confirm the final guest count, and create a schedule for the wedding day itself.

So, who should you hire?

bride talking to her wedding planner

It depends on your budget and the role you want to play on the wedding planning. You should consider hiring a wedding planner if:

  • You want everything to be planned for you (but everything should be approved by you, of course).
  • You are too busy due to your day job, so you don’t have any free time to be hands-on with the planning.
  • You want to rely on someone with excellent planning and organizational skills.
  • You have six or fewer months to plan the wedding

On the other hand, you might want to consider hiring a wedding coordinator if:

  • You prefer to be hands-on to your wedding but still need help from a wedding professional
  • You have a limited budget
  • You are detail-oriented and organized

Other things to consider

You might want to hire family and friends instead of hiring a wedding coordinator or planner to save money. Unless they have experienced in events planning, you might consider it. Otherwise, you don’t want to have conflicts because they want to “contribute” to your wedding.

More importantly, you need to know what you want at your wedding. You can do your own research or talk with your partner about it. Consider delays that may happen, so you should have back-up plans for emergencies. You don’t want to stress yourself on the most special day of your life. You should be able to savor this moment.

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