Ways to Apply Art in Your Daily Life

What do you think about when you hear the word art? You think about paintings and sculptures, right? You think about illustrations, colors, and abstracts. But that’s what art is in a museum. Art is so much more in real life. You will be surprised to know that you can find art in every facet of your life—from the moment you wake up until the minute you fall asleep. Art is everywhere—in your home, office, car, parks… everywhere.


When you put makeup on yourself in the morning, isn’t that a form of art? When you make an appointment with a makeup artist for an important event, isn’t that an appreciation of what that artist can do? That’s also a form of art. Cosmetics is a form of art. Think about how they do it in Hollywood films. Makeup artists transform actors into characters. You won’t even know who the artists are behind the artistry. That’s how you can find art in yourself.


Wood art
Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

There is surely some form of art in your home. Whether it’s a framed quote or a photo of you and your college buddies, photography is art, too. Photographers don’t need supermodels to create art. The best photos are the candid ones; the ones the photographers take when you’re laughing until tears come out of your eyes. That is art. It captures a moment in time.

But art isn’t just for looking. It’s functional, too. You can find art in that old colorful quilt your grandmother left to you, as well as those metallic plate chargers you use when hosting dinners. When you look around your house, you will find art in every corner—from the photo on your nightstand to the bronze-colored utensils in the cupboard.

Car or Commute

It’s often hard to find art in things that annoy you such as the traffic during rush hour. Think about it while you’re behind the wheel of your car. Isn’t there art right in front of you? Your car is a work of engineering first and art second. The interior’s layout is art. The colors used on the dashboard, as well as the placement of the center console, are art.

When you turn on the radio, isn’t music considered a form of art? Imagine creating rhythm out of nothing. People put these music notes together and came up with a sound that you bop your head to. This is the same art in music form that you hear in the subway. When you’re stuck in subway traffic, all you have is the garbled sound of a song from the PA system.


Do you have inspirational posters on the walls of your office? Well, then, that’s art. Do you have a row of framed photographs on the desk near you? That’s art, too. Art doesn’t need to be intrusive, overwhelming, or intimidating. You can find it in the strangest places. Yes, even in your printing area. If someone stapled a printed copy of an inspirational quote above the printer, that’s another form of art that you don’t usually notice.

When someone plays background music while you’re working, that’s another use of art in the office. During a brainstorming session, someone decided to make fancy cucumber sandwiches held together by toothpick flags. Isn’t that art?


This brings this article to the next point. Food, the way you prepare and serve it, is art. They say that people eat with their eyes first, so it’s very important to make the food look as palatable as possible. Why do you think there’s a whole course for plating food? Chefs don’t just magically learn how to plate their food. It takes constant practice for them to know how to make a flower out of a cucumber and carrot. That is art.

And what about the combination of flavors in one dish? How do chefs come up with the flavors of a dish? They combine textures and colors, too, to make the food look good on a plate. Why? People are visual creatures. They consume with their eyes before they even think about trying a dish.

Art is everywhere. You don’t need to work too hard to find it because it’s in everything you do. It’s in the way you prepare your food, as well as your choices of photos to display in your home. The paint color that you chose for your room? That is influenced by art, too. So, everywhere you look, there is art. It is not true that art doesn’t have a role in your daily life. Unknown to you, it’s already ingrained in everything you do.

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