A Few Tips for Planning a Class Reunion

A class reunion is often a meeting or gathering of a group of former classmates. It may take place regularly such as every five to 10 years or be a one-time event. Usually, former classmates attend the event to catch up with each other on the current state of their lives. That is both socially and career-wise.

Select a good venue

Selecting a good venue is just as important as the event itself. It should be easily accessible and capable of meeting the requirements of the event. There are numerous reunion venues in Salt Lake City that event planners may consider when looking for the ultimate venue to host an event. A proper venue ought to be spacious. It should meet the standards of the event to be held. Other factors such as the available facilities in the venue and the cost of hiring the venue may play a role in the final decision.

Ensure timely communication

Timely communication is the most essential success factor when planning an event. In the past, there were million-dollar events that were planned by some of the best event planners but still ended up failing as a result of late communication. Assuming that your class graduated more than a decade ago, it is likely that a majority of your classmates may not even be leaving in the same state or county. In fact, there may be some who may be living abroad. As such, it is important that you communicate the date and the venue of the class reunion in a timely manner. The earlier the communication is done, the better.

Choose a theme

Class Reunion
Group Of Friends Having Party In Pool Drinking Champagne

For your next class reunion, you may want to select a theme that will be communicated to all the expected guests. Selecting a theme allows for a more colorful and coordinated event. With class reunions, there should be no boundaries to the type of theme to settle for. It may range from Halloween costumes to office dress codes. As the planner, do not impose the dress code on the expected guests. Instead, you may open a poll where the expected guests may vote on their most preferred ones.

Acquire relevant licenses

Different states have different regulations with regard to holding social gatherings. There may be a need to acquire a permit from the local state office. You also want to acquire any other relevant permits to ensure that the reunion party takes place smoothly. You do not want to ruin your reunion party as a result of cops shutting it down because it is considered illegal. Instead, ensure a memorable class reunion by making follow-ups to identify all necessary clearances required and undertake them accordingly.

A class reunion ought to be nothing short of memorable. As the planning team, there is a need to identify possible challenges that you may encounter on the day of the reunion and take adequate measures to nullify them. Also, ensure that you make timely plans with your supporting structures such as the selected food caters.

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