Maximizing Your Closet Space: 13 Smart Closet Organizing Ideas

An organized closet provides several benefits in life. Not only is it mentally refreshing to see your closet space free of clutter, but it’s also a load of your back when you spend less time searching for clothes you want to wear, like those favorite items you bought from your favorite women’s clothing boutiques. Organizing your things and maximizing your closet space doesn’t have a downside to it, in fact!

With the busy lifestyles we lead, however, keeping your closet organized is not always easy to do. But it can be done if you play it smart. Here are 13 great tricks to help get you and your family’s closets in order.

Start Fresh. To begin your closet organization, remove everything from your closet. These include all the baskets, bins, and hangers. Then dust or clean the hanging rods, shelving, baskets, and bins. The clean and clear closet is a fresh slate that you can work with.

Declutter. This is the part you’re either looking forward to or dreading. Some fear this activity because they want to hold on to things they’ve ascribed sentimental value to. Remember that your closet is a finite space, so it’s in your best interest to only store the things that you will use. It may also be time to permanently get rid of items that you haven’t used in a long time or don’t fit anymore. You will feel good knowing your clothes or other items are going to a homeless shelter or your favorite charity.

Coordinate Your Colors. Color-coordinating the items in your closet is a fantastic way to make everything more visually appealing. One way to unify your closet design is to use color-coded hangers. You can also choose all-white hangers because they look very clean. Another tip is to keep your flooring and walls white so the colors of your clothing items pop.

Use Matching Hangers. Aesthetically pleasing, matching hangers also ensure that your clothes sit nicely against each other. This conserves valuable space in your closet. Bonus tip: ditch the wooden or plastic hangers and choose sleek velvet ones instead. The no-slip design can double the hanging space and keep your clothes off the floor.

Hang Your Bags on the Closet Door. Place hooks on the inside of your closet door so you can hang your collection of bags and purses. This way, it will also be easier to pick out a purse that best matches your outfit. Even better, this method will ensure that the handles won’t get misshapen.


Organize by Category. How can you save a lot of time when dressing up? Organize your clothing by type of item. Group the pants, skirt, dresses, and others together so you’ll be able to find the ones you need quickly and easily.

Use Shower Rings for Your Scarves. Instead of using one hanger for every scarf or knotting multiple scarves on one hanger and causing wrinkles, you can use shower rings to make individual holders for all of your scarves. You don’t have to splurge too because you can use plastic shower curtain rings. These are inexpensive, so they won’t hurt your pocket.

Make Labels. When sharing a closet, you can create and use labels like those popular chalkboard labels and tie them onto bins. This way, everyone knows where their shirts, accessories, and other items are in.

Hang Your Accessories. When organizing your bags, necklaces, and hats, hooks are very useful. Group your accessories together in neat rows and watch them become a colorful and attractive décor.

Invest in a Shoe Rack. An effective way to reduce clutter on your floor is to keep your shoes off it. Invest in a shoe rack so you can easily find your heels or sneakers anytime you wish to wear them.

DIY Simple Drawer Organizers or Storage Bins. Storage bins and organizers can be expensive. You can use patterned paper or your chosen fabric and unused cardboard boxes to make simple organizers for your closet drawers. With these organizers, it’d be easy for you to find socks, swimsuits, jewelry, and other smaller items. You can even decorate your organizers for an extra dose of fun.

Use Acrylic File Dividers. Office accessories such as clear acrylic file dividers can serve a purpose in your closet. You can use them to organize small accessories such as clutches that are typically put on shelves.

Style Your Space. Add character to your closet by placing in it a piece of art, a mirror, wallpaper, or anything with fun colors. Take note not to put flowers, stuffed animals, or books because these collect dust and will make your clothes feel less fresh.

Have fun as you organizing your or your family’s closets. Remember, the more often you maintain the space, the less time it will take to get everything in it in order. Happy organizing!

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