Modesty is Always a Statement

Contrary to the saying “less is more”, modesty is a choice that women make every day. Being able to choose what to wear is an exercise of will regardless of what other people say. There are many aspects of fashion where a modest style creates an impact on any runway. Even though women have different reasons for wearing a covered outfit, the decision is expressed in the confidence carried in their gait.

Certain signatures on dresses speak volumes in the kind of client being designed for.


There are many women who choose to wear modest clothes because of religion. It is not just Islam — branches of Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism, among other religions, practice modesty. Though it usually symbolizes chastity for and dedication to the faith, it is a choice that most members make. They are not forced into it. The community brought about by a common practice provides a shared sense of belonging.

There are women who find solace in the fact that there are others who have the same experiences as they do, and that they face the same challenges. Even atheists do not need a religion to decide to adopt a modest fashion sense. It is a style that transcends any belief because it is a form of expression.

More Fabric, More Design

Those with great attention to detail appreciate the design present all over the body. Imagine a long sleeve wedding dress with laces on your big day, with all the beautiful textiles that can accentuate your features. There will be plenty to look at, and guests will surely appreciate the technique created to weave all the fabric together, in turn elevating a special day into a work of art.

Modest outfits provide a larger canvas for designers, requiring them to edit as much as they can to make the look impeccable. There are many clients seeking fashionable yet polished wardrobes to allow them seamless transitions between work and events outside of the office. More parts of the clothes mean that there are more opportunities to showcase talent and a knack for editing a design.

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Comfort and Confidence

People wear modest fashion to feel comfortable. It is the style that they are most familiar with, allowing them to remain confident wherever they go. They are modeling the clothes themselves, creating a focus on the design of the outfit. Modesty gives women control over how people see them, accentuating features they would rather be seen.

There might be some parts of your physique that you want people to focus on. Covering up certain parts draws attention to where you want it to be. Aside from being backed by design, you are also highlighted in the way that you prefer. In the same way that makeup can contour certain parts of your face and body, modest fashion is an available option to everyone who wants peace when they are walking out on the street.


There is a feeling of security in modesty. Not everyone can pull it off. It takes the right amount of fabric and a good design eye to create a work of art that doubles as a safe yet antithetically bold outfit. Women can proudly wear clothes without worrying about a malfunction because they are covered all around.

Modest fashion is nowhere near pajamas aside from the feeling of protection they provide. When you were younger, or maybe even now, you must have been wrapped tight in a blanket to make you feel safe. On the contrary, modesty is not a blanket but a suit of armor that tells the world that you are there to rule. It is a style that says you will not be scathed because you are in control.

Many other factors come into play when you ask someone why they are not showing more skin. At the end of the day, it is a choice they made. If all everyone else looks for is skin, why have clothes maintained modest styles after all this time? They are the evolution of bold women to look naysayers directly in the eye with the message that they are confident, comfortable, and a work of art. There is no weather nor amount of staring that can discourage them in their mission to showcase their ferocity or their kind humility.

The different facets of modesty are solely based on the person wearing the outfit. Whether it is their culture, belief, or just for the sake of their mental health, it is a way of coping and a statement.

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