Three Stress Relievers You’re Craving During Quarantine

Getting stuck at home for months leave you wanting things you used to take for granted. There used to be a time when you spent weekends outside and appeased bad days with a quick visit to the mall.

Society has relied so much on external devices to cater to life’s stressors that many feel lost without them now. If you’re feeling this way, rest assured that things will go back to normal one day and that you’ll enjoy those little privileges. For now, it’s worth looking at what those privileges are and why they’re in such high demand for a comeback post-pandemic.

Loosening up Those Muscles

You’re lucky if you have a professional masseuse in your family. Since it’s not the case for most people, a visit to a massage spa is a sought-after pleasure. A quick drive around places will give you glimpses of spas that are yet to open, and it will leave you longing for a massage right away.

While it sounds like another fancy way to relieve stress (and yes, it’s possible to do without it for a while), it’s one that’s always worth your buck.

A professional massage is good not only for muscle tension but also for anxiety, digestive disorders, headache, injuries, and so much more. People who have relied on massage for treatment miss this for a good reason. Even if you frequented spas just to unwind, you were doing your body a great service.

Stress is a pandemic in itself—an underrated one today. While you don’t have access to massage spas yet, channeling your inner masseuse should provide some relief until they reopen.

Filling up Your Belly

You’ve leveled up your cooking skills. In fact, you’ve never felt more like a competent adult until now. Still, nothing beats eating the food you cook with friends who can send you into fits of laughter.

Dining has always been a social activity. It’s normal to miss your after-work escapades with your colleagues to hunt down the best burger in town. Socializing always improves the quality of meals and vice versa. This is why many are already planning their reunions post-pandemic.

If you think that it’s too early to plan, don’t worry—planning in itself benefits you during the quarantine. One of the reasons you’re craving your nights out with friends is that socializing staves off loneliness. It’s a good thing that technology provides enough means of keeping in touch. While gathering in groups is still not advisable and restaurants aren’t open, why not plan your virtual dinner dates? It’s not as fun as personal interaction, but it’s better than watching Netflix all day.

Enjoying Hollywood Magic in Style

Watching a 3D movie

Social or anti-social, nothing replaces the experience of watching a good movie in the cinemas. It’s another stress reliever that might take a while to reopen, which is a bummer because now is a great time to disconnect from the world.

Even a few hours of distraction from the pressing issues raised by the pandemic can do wonders in relieving your stress. It’s called film therapy, and it boasts a lot of benefits that you can use to justify being a movie-junkie.

While you’re waiting for the cinemas to go operational again, it’s good to watch films with positive vibes and motivational themes. You’ll need all the encouragement you can get to cope with the challenges that come with a pandemic-stricken world.

Taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental health involves more effort and creativity during the quarantine. Stay positive and keep massaging those sore muscles and baking those cakes, though. They’re good hobbies to keep up while you wait to enjoy the simple pleasure of pre-quarantine life again.

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