Self-care Strategies While Working from Home

While the economy is set to recover in the coming months as vaccine rollouts progress, many companies are still requiring their employees to work from home. In some industries, we also see the work-from-home trend continuing even after the pandemic.

While many people have learned to adapt to the new normal, others are still struggling to build structure. After all, remote workers are more prone to burnout and cabin fever due to the blurred boundaries between work and home life.

This is why self-care has become a hot topic, with people across the globe searching for answers to their pandemic blues. The trend is rotted in a real and valid problem that could have ripple effects on a person’s mental and physical health.

Self-care could mean different things for different people, but the common goal is to improve one’s health, well-being, and self-image. As a result, a person can approach life’s challenges and current pressures more productively and positively.

Here are some strategies you can do make your work-from-home self happier and healthier:

1. Create a routine

Establishing a routine will give your daily life structure and help ease feelings of uncertainty. Not knowing how your day will go can contribute to anxiety. So by sticking to a schedule consistently, you get to enjoy little wins and feel productive. In turn, you’ll feel fulfilled, even if it’s just one day at a time. Plus, sticking to a routine means that you’re sleeping and eating at the right time, which can lead to positive health outcomes.

2. Get enough sleep


Getting restful sleep daily is one of the keys to optimal health. More than that, it helps improve your mood, cognitive function, creativity, and ability to focus at work. According to the National Health Service, adults need around six to nine hours of sleep daily.

3. Take breaks throughout the day

Sometimes, when you’re juggling deadlines, house chores, and other tasks, you forget to take essential breaks. It’s essential to step away from anything you’re doing to unwind your brain. Whether it’s a power nap, a snack break, or a short walk, nothing can be more productive than allowing yourself to breathe and do nothing.

4. Make an effort to look good

One disadvantage of working from home is that you don’t get to dress up and wear makeup more often than you used to. While these habits were almost second nature to us before, they were our way of feeling good before going to work. Even if you rarely join Zoom meetings, make it a habit to shower, put on work clothes, fix your hair with a hair styling brush, and wear light makeup to give your day a good start.

5. Consider meditation techniques


Work from home fatigue is a serious problem and can manifest in physical symptoms like chest pains and headaches. Reorient with your core and find inner peace by practicing mindfulness meditation. This technique lets you reconnect with your breathing, clear your mind, and ground you back to a more balanced perspective.

6. Eat healthy meals

It can be tempting to order food and settle with microwave meals. After all, it’s hard to find the energy and time to prepare your own food. But you’d be surprised to know that preparing healthy meals can save you more time and energy. Eating junk food can make you feel tired and heavy, reducing your efficiency in completing daily tasks. If you nourish your body with balanced meals, you’ll feel more energized throughout the day.

7. Connect with coworkers

To ease feelings of isolation and burnout, it’s important to make an effort to connect with your coworkers. Building rapport with your teammates keeps you focused at work and inspires you to show up every day. Plus, it would be easier for you to seek work-related advice or help with anything if you have friends at work.

9. Stay hydrated


Drinking the recommended amount of water for your age, weight, and height daily can bring numerous health benefits. Water carries oxygen and nutrients to your cells, stabilizes your body temperature and blood pressure, and flushes bacteria from your bladder. It’s a simple step that could make a world of difference to your work-from-home situation.

10. Keep your workspace clean

A tidy and organized workspace can inspire creativity and allow for deep focus because your brain won’t get distracted by random misplaced items and dirt. Plus, you’ll be able to quickly locate items, improve your time management, and maintain a professional image. Try decluttering your workspace whenever you’re stumped at work.

Working from home doesn’t work easily for some people. If you want to hustle and advance in your career in the new normal, follow these tips.

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