Kids Fashion 2022: What to Watch Out For

It’s almost the end of the year and hopefully, the pandemic. With the new normal on the horizon, it’s time to think about better things again rather than talk about vaccine mandates, restrictions, and face-to-face classes. For once, let’s be normal and read about good things. One of the things that we are looking forward to whenever the year draws to a close is the kind of fashion we can expect. This wasn’t such an issue in the past two years because we’re busy just surviving but now that things are better, we should look at what we’re going to watch out for in the next year.

And in front and center of fashion brands now are kids. Even high-end luxury brands are creating clothes and accessories for infants. Imagine a toddler barely knowing how to talk rocking a Chanel crib walker. That’s something, right? But it does make sense for parents to invest in fashionable pieces for their kids. With the proliferation of Pinterest boards and Instagram profiles, parents can’t help but try to make their kids trendy, too.

If you look at the popular keywords on Google lately, you’ll be surprised to find that kids’ trendy fashion is on top of the list. Yes, parents are researching what color and style of clothes their kids need for the next school year. That’s why those in the business of kids’ fashion are using SEO services to raise brand awareness and reach more markets.

Trendy Colors

Shades of pastels and neutrals are the primary colors for kids’ fashion in 2022. Even kids are into basic colors now. But despite this fact, the color red (a lighter shade) is the one that prevailed. You can mix it up with terracotta, black, and floral designs. Think earthy colors and complete it with bright accessories (shoes or headbands for girls).


Like adult fashion, kids will also experiment with oversized jackets and large-sleeved blouses. Deflated sleeves and bat sleeves will also be in full bloom and more volume in the area of the shoulder blades. The prevailing message of fashion in 2022 will be one of freedom. The point of oversized clothes is comfort. Kids’ fashion in 2022 will also focus on practicality. Fashion experts want kids to move freely, so dainty dresses will move out of the way.



This is slightly connected with oversized clothing. Layering has always been a practical fashion trend, especially during winter when the temperature can suddenly drop or rise. It works well with oversized clothing since kids can wear leggings underneath an oversized shirt or pair an inner blouse with an oversized blouse. Girls can also don a plain tee inside strappy dresses if they want to be more casual but girly.


The pinafore was inspired by, yes, a kitchen apron that you can easily remove when not needed. This style has been big among adult women, but fashion houses are also bringing the style into kids’ fashion. The great thing about pinafore is kids can wear it as it is without an inner blouse, or they can use it as a jumper. The pinafore comes in all kinds of textures and colors—corduroy, jeans, pastels, bright colors, and neutrals.

Casual Dresses

Young girls are always running and jumping around. It’s hard to wear dainty dresses when you are in a playground because the kids will be tumbling and turning. Next year will be about wearing casual dresses that young girls can rock even while playing sports. Styles with simple cuts with a bit of frill or frounce will work well in the playground. For dresses to even look more elegant, flower appliques, decorative elements, and knotted bows can be a game-changer.

Denim and Tutus

Versatility-wise, denim material is the go-to clothes for boys and girls. Parents can pair a denim jacket with a tutu dress for girls or with chinos for boys. Denim can also come embroidered with cute little details to make it even more fashionable. The most trending denim looks for 2022 are sports-cut shorts with slits on the sides, jumpsuit with shorts, and sundress with denim blouse on top.

Next year’s overall theme of fashion will be one of comfort and practicality. Since the pandemic, people must become comfortable with their fashion style. It’s the same with kids. They are embarking on the new normal, so they need to move around as they rediscover the world that was closed to them for almost two years.

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