Latest Trends for a Relaxing Bedroom

People had never been more aware of the value of their homes than in the past year. The pandemic had given most homeowners a new perspective about how to design their homes. Most became more creative to achieve different results. They aim both for aesthetics and functionality. They want to have a sanctuary from all the stress brought by the sudden changes.

Getting a good night’s sleep is an issue for some people even before and more so during the pandemic. It is easy to succumb to worrisome and uncertain thoughts as one lies in bed. A practical way to help combat uneasy sleep is to take note of certain elements in your bedroom. Paying a visit to a one-stop mattress store will give you the most ideal mattress for your sleep style. Once you have the most essential piece of your bedroom, then you can move to other components. Here are some ideas.

Versatile Headboards

The use of a headboard is becoming a re-emerging trend in bedroom designs. It provides an avenue to express individuality. Some examples are a chalk headboard or a rustic one. Headboards also add a layer of texture depending on the fabric and material used. These bed features can serve as a focal point of your bedroom. There are various designs that one can choose from. You can even go the DIY path.

Aside from their aesthetic purpose, headboards can be functional too. They can serve as extra storage spaces with some creative shelf options. Headboards keep your pillows in place. Thus, you do not have to worry about tossing at night and finding your pillow gone. Also, they provide comfort when you want to linger in bed while sitting up. You can read or journal while letting your body rest on it.

Innovative Storage = Less Clutter

Clutter can affect one’s mood. When there are so many things lying around, the ability to relax diminishes. Sometimes, a small space causes the issue of storage. With more innovative designs, there are more solutions available to this predicament.

Under-the-bed cabinets, recessed wall shelves, and floating corner shelves are clever storage ideas. These storage solutions could maximize the space of the room. If you want a vintage feel, you could look for trunks or antique chests that you can use both for storage and as décor. When you have an organized, you would want to spend more time here to relax.

Earth Tones and Pastel Hues

In the past, people prefer white bedrooms. It makes the room look tidy. But, the downside of it is it could also make the room feel bare. Instead of a relaxing mood, it would feel lifeless. Another disadvantage is the high maintenance it entails.

Newer trends embrace more hues to experiment on. To create a Zen bedroom, you can lean on some earth colors. Some examples are sage green, blue-gray, terracotta, reddish-brown, and deep navy. Though light colors bring in cheer, they may not work well with a bedroom. If you are not into earth colors, you can opt for pastel colors to create the same relaxed mood. Some examples are lush lavender, sea blue, pale yellow, and dusty pink. Apply these color schemes not only to your paint. Look for accessories and bedding to mix and match.


Subdued Lights and Natural Light

An overhead glaring light can keep one awake even when they feel sleepy. Some are not accustomed to sleeping in total darkness. The perfect answer is some modern lighting ideas. Some examples are pendant lights, table lamps, sconces, and wall-mounted lights.

Dimmers can also help to regulate light brightness and set the mood. You can have varying brightness according to your needs.

Do not downplay the importance of natural light. Light coming outdoors can help to fix your circadian rhythm. To avoid too much natural light, you might consider installing a skylight at a strategic spot.

Strong Biophilic Design

The easiest way to have a sense of the outdoors inside your bedroom is to have potted plants. You can also try hanging ones as an alternative. Pieces of rattan furniture or wicker baskets also lend a natural vibe to a bedroom. A small water feature can bring a soothing feel as you spend time in your sanctuary. If your bedroom has a bathroom, you can incorporate stone materials here.

Going with a biophilic design can help you enjoy your bedroom more. A strong connection with nature is essential to one’s physical and mental health.

Your bedroom design deserves some careful planning. Consider all the elements and let them blend. The result would bring you peaceful nights and invigorating mornings.

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