Orange Aura: The Color of Creativity, What it Means, and How to Boost It

Creativity, passion, an active imagination, fertility and enthusiasm are just some of the characteristics associated with people who have an orange aura.

One of the most interesting phenomena in life is the aura that surrounds people, animals and some objects. Aura is also known as the human energy field, a concept that’s known to exist for centuries. Put it this way, our physical body is made up of millions of cells, each is made up of energy, vibrating at a slow rate. Surrounding our bodies is another layer of energy, like how the atmosphere is to the Earth, and this layer of energy is vibrating at a faster rate, which then makes up the aura.

When it comes to aura, the colors of the auric field are one of its most fascinating features. It has been observed that different colors indicate specific emotional states or physical conditions of an individual.

For creatives, the orange aura has a special meaning because its spiritual meaning is linked with vitality, creativity, transformation, and vigor. Note that although the color of your aura is unique to who you are, what you feel and your experiences, it can change. This means that you can cultivate it and use it to benefit your purpose.

What Does Having an Orange Aura Mean?

Meaning of Orange Aura
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The orange aura signifies enthusiasm for life, passion, creativity, courage, adventure, and energy. People with the orange aura are usually very creative, have an artistic spirit and seek challenges in life.

There is an explanation as to why the orange aura is linked to vitality and creativity and this has something to do with the sacral chakra or Swadisthana.

The sacral chakra is one of the seven chakras that represents the main energy centers of the body. It is located three inches below the belly button and is represented by the color orange. It enables an individual to express emotions, creativity and also helps you get in touch with your sexual desires.

So it can be said that people with an orange aura have the following characteristics:

  • Creative
  • Optimistic
  • Vitality
  • Ambitious
  • Passionate
  • Determined
  • Willpower to succeed in life

Having an orange aura, therefore, implies that one has all these admirable qualities within themselves already. The next step then would be to realize this trait, accept it as part of your personality, and then utilize it to improve yourself further. It will help you go about doing anything with ease and make you more determined towards achieving your goals.

How to Know the Color of Your Aura

The aura or auric field that’s surrounding your body is as much a part of you as your physical body. In the book “Infinite Mind: The Science of Human Vibrations” by Dr. Valerie Hunt, she discussed how every cell in the human body is also energy or light that’s vibrating at a slow rate to make it into the visible matter.

The aura is made up of higher frequencies of energies, which means that it’s much more difficult to see with the naked eye. There are a number of ways you can determine the color of your aura. Using dowsing to determine one’s aura is a method some professionals practice.

However, you can sense your aura using your hands. Try to follow this exercise to determine the color of your own aura.

Know Your Aura Color

How to Cultivate Your Orange Aura

Photo by Mikhail Nilov

Can aura colors change?

Yes, aura colors do change depending on your experiences, intention, company, mood and other factors, like being exposed to different energies. The question now is how do you change your aura and cultivate an orange aura?

There are instances where you may want to cultivate an orange aura. Maybe you want to use it to accomplish a goal, or you want to tap into your creativity or sexuality. There are specific things you can do to get this done.

Below are some tips you can do at home.

1. The first step toward creating an orange aura is meditating daily and thinking positive thoughts. 

Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day to energize and activate your chakra. This will help you tap into your chakra points.

To tap into your sacral chakra, acknowledge your need for physical and energetic support. You also have to exercise optimism. As in all matters of life, this will help you feel more confident about yourself.

2. Nourish your body with water.

The element of water is connected with your sacral chakra. This means that staying hydrated will not only do your body good but will also heal and open up your sacral chakra.

Bathing with essential oils will also help elevate your sacral energy.

3. Be more active in life.

An orange aura also implies leadership skills. You should learn how to utilize them to the highest potential during difficult situations in order to get out of difficult situations fast enough. Learn how to take risks which includes taking control of any difficult situation which may arise.

4. Eat centering food for your sacral chakra.

A sacral chakra that’s out of balance can cause issues such as commitment issues, lack of sex drive, back pain, depression, as well as urinary and reproductive problems. You can balance your sacral chakra by consuming food like carrots, mango, oranges, peaches, sweet potatoes, and salmon – to name a few. If you haven’t noticed, the list is filled with things that are orange. These food are not only good for reproductive health but also your cardiovascular health as well.

5. Practice regular breathing exercises.

You can open up your sacral chakra with diaphragmic breathing exercises. You can start by sitting cross-legged and then suck your stomach in as you inhale. Quickly push the air out and then repeat 8 to 16 times before returning to your normal breathing.

Types and Shades of Orange Aura and What They Mean

Orange aura is an intangible light that displays itself around the body. It may indicate a person’s mood or state of mind at any given time. Different shades and types of orange aura can mean different things.

Below is a list of shades you might see from someone who has an orange aura as well as their meaning.

  • Orange halo with red dots in it.

This means that the person is very open-minded. The orange halo shows that this person has an upbeat personality and is constantly trying to broaden their horizons by learning from others. They are very confident and are generally well-liked and respected by people.

  • Orange aura with blue inside it.

This denotes a peaceful and calm mind. People who have had their minds calmed tend to have more positive outlooks on life and are more likely to patiently work towards achieving their goals. This type of aura often appears around people who meditate frequently or practice some form of deep relaxation exercise such as yoga.

  • Tangerine-colored aura.

This is known to be the purest form of orange aura. This person has all the qualities linked to someone with an orange aura. They have a natural way with people, they’re spontaneous and they have lots of creativity. People with a tangerine-colored aura also have a strong vital force and are commonly very intelligent.

  • Orange aura around their heads and shoulders only

People with orange aura around their heads and shoulders only and none elsewhere tend to be very passionate and driven individuals. They often establish themselves as leaders in groups because they feel the need to constantly motivate others. This type of aura is common among those who run or own companies as well as those people that are constantly seeking out new adventures such as skydiving.

  • Orange aura that flickers on and off rapidly

A person with an orange aura that flickers on and off may be experiencing depression. This can happen when someone feels like they lack control over any aspect of their lives, especially if there is some sort of crisis going on at the time.

Another indication of negativity is if the person has a dark orange aura. This could mean they have issues with their sacral chakra. It could be blocked by negative emotions such as fear and anger.

Meditate Daily and Take Care of Yourself

An aura represents a person’s emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being. Knowing the color of your aura and how it’s changed over time will help you understand yourself better and give you an insight into what you can do to make things better.

No matter what the color of your aura is it’s important to meditate as frequently as possible. People with orange auras are generally lively individuals. They’re creative, bright, and passionate. People generally want to be around them.

If you have an orange aura, then you want to stay as balanced and as healthy as possible. Your aim is to maintain an orange aura that’s healthy in color. You may lean towards the yellowish-orange type or the orange with the blue tinge aura, and that’s a good thing.

What you want to avoid is the dark orange one that flickers on and off. This means that something is blocking your chakra and that you need to take a step back, recharge, and unblock it.

Looking and feeling your best should be one of your goals. Meditation, rest and eating a healthy diet will combat possible issues that may come up from stress and other negative energy so make sure that you make time for them in your busy schedule.

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