Reasons You Should Choose to Adopt (Not Shop) a Pet

Pets bring much-needed lightness and happiness to any family. Psychologists believe that being a pet owner aids in mental and physical health. In fact, experts believe that the simple act of petting a dog can lower your blood pressure. No wonder various creatures make great therapy animals. This also explains the uptick in pet adoptions since the coronavirus pandemic hit.

But is having a pet right for you? Despite the many advantages and benefits commonly associated with having a pet, it’s still important to note that not everybody is ready for pet ownership. It could be several reasons, from a medical standpoint to living conditions and financial capability.

Here we make an argument for why adoption is an excellent avenue for pet ownership, especially if you’re a first-time owner.

Pet Adoption vs. Buying from a Pet Store

Both ways have one thing in common; the emotional investment you make in owning a pet. Their primary difference is the steep financial investment you shell out. Buying from a pet store means that you’re getting a purebred puppy or kitten, meaning both their parents came from the same breed or variety of dog or cat.

While there is nothing inherently wrong about buying a purebred pet, many first-time adopters often find that their dream breed of dog or cat requires too much work and end up either neglecting their pets or giving them up in shelters.

Rescued Pets Are Loyal

Ever see those Instagram pages for rescued dogs that look at their owners lovingly upon getting adopted? There are plenty of them out there and many new owners report that their rescued pets are more loyal and loving than purebred counterparts that have been bought commercially.

Naturally, not all cats and dogs at the shelter will warm up to you instantly. Shelter owners and volunteers can usually tell you which dogs have the sweetest dispositions and which ones need more coaxing. Don’t let that dissuade you, however, if the dog you fell in love with seems a little more aloof. A few sessions with an experienced private dog trainer and your new pet will be eating out of your hand.

Save a Pet’s Life Through Adoption

As many shelters will tell you, there is nothing wrong with most pets that end up in their facilities. These lovable creatures only need a second chance at finding their forever homes. Sadly, even shelters can get overrun by neglected animals and if they need more space, most animal shelters will take to euthanizing residents that are either older or have been there too long to make way for new rescues.

There are also “No-Kill Shelters” around but some only claim that they’re not when in reality, they send some animals to kill shelters to be euthanized. So before you choose to adopt from a “No-Kill Shelter,” make sure they are indeed keeping true to their word.

Foster First, Adopt Later

woman with her dog

Another benefit of going with a shelter instead of a private breeder is that you have the chance to have a “trial” with your pet of choice. Many shelters offer fostering as an alternative to keeping the pets in the shelter until they get adopted. This arrangement benefits both the human and animal. You can see how well you would be able to live with another creature in your home and the cat or dog is able to learn better socialization skills, upping their chance of finding their own forever home. Which, let’s face it, could be you once you’ve fallen in love with them.

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