Why Video Marketing Is More Important Than Ever

There is no doubt that videos are among the most powerful tools in digital marketing. They can go viral in various social media platforms in just hours. They are a versatile form of electronic communication, as they can convey messages in different forms. You can do music videos, short clips, and many other different animations and presentations.

The most popular video sharing site, YouTube, happens to be the second most popular search engine, too. When people want to learn something, for instance, they go to YouTube and search for a tutorial. The platform is also used for public service announcements by government agencies, private corporations and even some individuals.

Video Marketing Reach

That being said, videos have become an important marketing, educational and communications tool for businesses. Thus, the increase in utilisation of video marketing. As of this year, 87% of companies use videos as one of their marketing tools. In 2017, only 63% of firms did.

Marketers use multiple methods and techniques to reach their target market. A survey of B2C marketers showed that 96% use non-video social media posts while 76% use videos in their consumer marketing campaigns. What is important to note here is that not all of these companies make their own videos. To make professional looking videos, many businesses outsource corporate video production services in Manchester and other areas.

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Video Marketing Advantages

Businesses utilise videos because consumers watch them. A study even shows that videos will comprise up to 82% of all internet traffic by 2022. The traffic does not only come from YouTube, but also other video-sharing sites like Vimeo and Dailymotion. Other sites, which have heavy video traffic, include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

Users like videos because they find topics easier to understand when explained in this format. Consumers search for videos when they want to understand a process, or see how something is done or how it works. In turn, this has led to 75% of consumers buying an app or software because of a well-crafted video. Most consumers consider videos as the best avenue to learn about new products.

Videos allow marketers to present their products in more detail, resulting in better engagement with their target audience. Visitors do not have to read the material; they only need to watch and listen. Most successful product videos have gone viral because they are novel and interesting. This can be a big hook.

Like other social media tools, compelling videos can become viral because of their content. Educating the public while at the same time entertaining and engaging them can get the message across to a wider audience. People want to share these kinds of videos because they like it and they want others to see it as well.

Great viral video content is the goal of every online marketer. This is not a trivial task, but it is more possible nowadays than it ever was, simply because there are more possible viewers. Creating videos is the first step to online marketing success.

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