Chakra Stones: What Are They and How To Use

Chakra stones are a powerful tool for healing and connecting with your body, mind, and spirit. They balance the seven chakras that run along the spine from crown to root.

Physical and emotional symptoms can arise when these energy centers become imbalanced or blocked. Using chakra stones is an ancient practice that helps people realign their energies to live in harmony with themselves and the world around them.

This article will explore what chakra stones are, how they work, and how you can use them to bring balance into your life.

What do the seven chakras mean?

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The seven chakras, or energy centers, run up the spine from the tailbone to the top of the head.

Each chakra is associated with a different area of your life and governs certain functions. This concept is based on Hindu and Buddhist yoga practices, wherein the chakras are seen as the wheels of life.

When these energy centers are balanced and in harmony, life flows effortlessly. When one or more of the chakras become blocked, the flow of energy is disrupted, causing a range of physical and emotional symptoms such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, and more.

The seven chakras are as follows:

1. Root chakra

The first one, the root chakra, is located at the tip of the tailbone and is associated with safety and security. It governs physical vitality, stability, and grounding. This chakra is associated with the color red (or black).

2. Sacral chakra

Located in the lower abdomen, the sacral chakra is associated with creativity, sexuality, and emotions. It governs sensuality, pleasure, intimacy, and connection to others. This chakra is associated with the color orange (or blue-green).

3. Solar plexus chakra

The third is the solar plexus chakra. It is located in the upper part of the abdomen and is associated with willpower and self-confidence. It governs personal power, ambition, and achieving goals. This chakra is associated with the color yellow.

4. Heart chakra

Located in the center of the chest, the heart chakra is associated with love and connection. It governs compassion, empathy, and acceptance. This chakra is associated with the color green (or pink).

5. Throat chakra

Next is the throat chakra. It is associated with truth and communication. It governs self-expression and speaking one’s truth. This chakra is associated with the color blue.

6. Third eye chakra

Between and slightly above the eyebrows, the third eye chakra is associated with intuition and insight. It governs inner vision, psychic awareness, and imagination. This chakra is associated with the color indigo.

7. Crown chakra

Lastly, the crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is associated with spiritual connection and awareness. It governs one’s connection to the divine, higher consciousness, and enlightenment. This chakra is associated with the color violet (or white).

What exactly are chakra stones?

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Chakra stones are crystals or gemstones that have been specifically chosen to match the energetic vibration of each of the seven chakras. Believers use these stones to access the power of healing crystals to bring positive energy, balance, and harmony to their lives.

Each has its own unique properties that relate to the specific chakra it is associated with. The stone’s color usually matches the color associated with that particular chakra.

    • Root chakra: Red jasper, ruby, garnet, black onyx, obsidian, hematite, spinel
    • Sacral chakra: Carnelian, orange calcite, amber, sunstone, copper, vanadinite
    • Solar plexus chakra: Citrine, yellow jasper, tiger’s eye, yellow topaz, golden calcite
    • Heart chakra: Green aventurine, jade, malachite, rose quartz, peridot, emerald, lepidolite
    • Throat chakra: Sodalite, blue calcite, aquamarine, turquoise, blue lace agate, angelite
    • Third eye chakra: Sapphire, lapis lazuli, azurite, tanzanite, iolite
    • Crown chakra: Amethyst, labradorite, clear quartz, selenite, diamond, apophyllite

How do you use chakra stones?

Using chakra stones is a simple but powerful way to bring balance to your chakras. Here are a few ways to use them:

1. Meditate with the stones

Meditating with chakra stones can help you to become more in tune with your energy centers and tap into their power. Place one or several stones on your body while you meditate and focus on the stone’s energy. Say a mantra or affirmation about your intention to open and activate the chakra.

2. Wear them as jewelry

Wearing chakra stones can help to balance the energy centers throughout your day and can be a powerful tool for transformation. Wearing jewelry made with crystals associated with each of the seven chakras is an easy and beautiful way to access their power. Some people wear them as necklaces, earrings, or mood rings; others use them in talismans or charms.

3. Create a chakra stone grid

A crystal grid is a powerful way to use chakra stones. Place one stone in the center of your grid, then place the others around it in a circular pattern. This will help activate each stone’s energy, creating a positive and harmonious flow throughout your space.

4. Carry them with you

When life feels overwhelming and you need a boost, carrying stones with you may help to restore balance and peace. Select the stone that corresponds to the chakra you feel is out of balance and have it in your pocket or purse.

5. Display them in your home

You can display chakra stones in your home to create a peaceful environment. Place them near your bed or in other areas where you spend time, such as the living room. You can also create a chakra stone altar to honor your personal power and use the stones to focus your energies.

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How do you create jewelry with chakra stones?

Creating jewelry with chakra stones is a great way to access their power and use it for healing. Here are some tips for creating jewelry with chakra stones:

1. Choose a stone.

You can select the stones that correspond to each of the seven chakras. Choose stones with colors associated with each chakra if you want a more general piece.

2. Select a setting.

You can choose from various settings, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Consider which setting best suits the stone you have chosen and is comfortable for you to wear.

3. Think about your style.

When styling an outfit with jewelry, consider the statement you are trying to make. Do you want the piece to be subtle, bold, or in between? Thinking about your style can help you create the perfect piece of jewelry.

4. Wear them with intention.

When you wear chakra stones, set an intention for the piece. You can focus on releasing blocked energy in a specific chakra or balancing all seven centers. Depending on your intention, you can find the perfect stone and setting to create a meaningful piece of jewelry.

5. Cleanse and recharge.

When using chakra stones, it is essential to cleanse them regularly. This will help keep the stone’s energy pure and free from harmful or stagnant energy. You can cleanse them with a salt bath, smudging, intention setting, or moonlight.

How do I choose a chakra stone?

When selecting chakra stones, listening to your intuition and choosing the stone that resonates with you is essential. You may prefer a particular stone based on its color, texture, or energy. This process is highly personal, and the stone you are drawn to may differ from another person’s choice.

You can also use a pendulum to help you choose the suitable stone for each chakra. You can hold the pendulum over each chakra stone and ask questions such as, “Is this stone right for me?”

If the pendulum indicates a yes by swinging in a circular motion, you can be confident that the stone is right for you.

Using chakra stones is an ancient practice that can help to bring balance and harmony into your life.

By understanding what the seven chakras mean, selecting the right stones, and understanding how to use them, you can access the power of chakra stones for healing and transformation.

With practice and patience, you can create a life of balance and peace.

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