Options for Camouflaging the Solar Panels on Your Roof

A high curb appeal and energy efficiency are essential elements in properties these days. In most cases, however, the energy-efficient alternatives for your home affect the exterior look of your property. One option many homeowners know they need but aren’t willing to invest in is solar panels. The amount of energy these panels will harness from the sun is significant and can be used to run some of the appliances in your home or building that consume lots of energy.

While a commercial solar panel installation company based in Utah may recommend several locations for the placement of your solar panels, the most obvious position in most properties is the roof. This way, the panels are exposed to maximum sunlight. Thankfully, the installation of solar panels on the roof may not affect the look of your property and the exceptional roof design you have invested in. With a few tactics, the panels will remain mostly invisible and have minimal impact on your property’s curb appeal.

Here are the alternatives for hiding solar panels:

Surround Them with Foliage

These days, some property owners are opting for a green roof. These are flat roofs that have plants either planted directly on their surface or in growing pots. You can now have solar panels installed on these roofs and surrounded by foliage. This way, they remain mostly invisible. But you should ensure none of your foliage will minimize the solar exposure of your panels. Planting short plants around the panels might be an ideal choice, but prune them periodically to ensure that the solar panels remain unobscured.

Install Them Away From the Street

Your property’s cardinal direction in relation to the road can also make a difference in the visibility of your solar panels. For maximum exposure to the sun, solar panels should ideally face south. If the south-facing side of your home or commercial building is away from the street, then this is an advantage for you as the panels will remain invisible to people in your front yard. Alternatively, you can opt to install the panels on a secondary section of the roof, such as the garage roof.

Use Solar Shingles

A solar shingle denotes a solar panel that will be configured as your roofing shingle. The shingles are integrated into your conventional roofing materials, including slate, asphalt, concrete, and tile. Solar shingles resemble conventional roofing shingles but convert solar energy into electrical energy. The two types of solar shingles available include silicon and CIGS photovoltaic roofing shingles.

Opt For Solar Cells with No Evident Gaps

solar panel installation
House with solar pannel that looks like a window

Technological innovation has recently led to the production of solar cells with no evident gaps. This means the cells of your solar panels can be made according to the color of your roof to remain indistinguishable from their installation environment. This was not possible in the past since cells were joined when connected in series.

With these options, you can now enjoy significant energy savings without any negative impact on your property’s exterior look. While the solar panels’ installation costs might be high, the energy savings you will make for years are also considerable. That said, it makes financial sense to invest in a solar energy system.

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