Key Features on Which to Base Your Choice of a Casket

Planning your funeral for some time in the past was considered taboo in most cultures. Nowadays, however, this has become the norm. The primary reason for this is to relieve the stress of paying for and planning a funeral on your grieving loved ones.

In addition to this, planning your funeral gives you a rare chance to personalize it. You, however, should have an extensive checklist of what to include in your pre-planned funeral for it to be what you envision or what you wanted.

Without a funeral home based in Clearfield to handle the items on your list, however, getting a funeral that will go on without a hitch is mostly impossible. One of the essentials a funeral home will help you pick is a casket. Wooden and metal caskets are the available ones on the market.

Metal caskets are made of stainless steel, bronze, copper, and at times gold, while elegant wooden ones are made of cherry, oak, walnut, or mahogany. Your choice of a casket goes beyond picking between a metal or wooden coffin.

The following are the features of a casket that should also guide your pick.


Caskets have two lid variations. These include full and half couch lids. Half couch lids come in two pieces of equal lengths. One part is opened to allow for the viewing of the body from the waist up. This is the more popular option for casket lids. The full-couch lid extends your casket’s length and allows for full body viewing.

Lining Materials

casket options

Different materials can be used for the lining of a casket’s interiors. The most common ones are crepe, velvet, and satin though a few people now opt for linen. Velvet is the most expensive among your lining options and generally the most luxurious while crepe is the lowest-priced.

The lining is installed in different ways. The common ones are tailored, tufted, and ruffled installations. A few funeral homes offer customization options for the casket lining though at an extra cost.

Shell Corner Designs

Caskets are made in a basic rectangular shape. This shape can be softened by the addition of different elements around the corners. Traditionally, caskets have three corner designs including, rounded, classical urn, and square corners.

You can customize these corner designs with something that reflects your hobby, work, or public service.

Hidden Compartments

Some caskets have a memory drawer. This is a hidden compartment found in the casket’s lid. It resembles a small drawer in which you can place some personal effects with which you would wish to be buried. The secret compartment can also be used to hold some loving tributes and poems from your loved ones.

The above features apply to caskets used for cremation and traditional burial. If your coffin will, however, be used for cremation, you should ensure it is leak-proof, rigid, and combustible. This preserves your dignity in the combustion chamber and ensures the operator’s safety.

A few funeral homes have the option of renting a casket for your service and using an alternative container for the cremation.

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