Drink and Be Merry: Organising a Wine Party at Home

Friday nights are exciting. Of all the nights in the week, it must be the night that you always look forward to. The most common thing that people do when this time comes is go to the pub and have some merriment with their bitters. But this time, you might want to up the ante. You might want to make it sophisticated, calm and peaceful. Well, why not organise a wine night in your loft?

Maybe you have been toying with the idea of wine night for quite some time now. But something is holding you back. It could be the fact that you are not confident with how you will receive guests at your home. It could be that you do not know what to cook. Or it could be you do not know how to prepare everything.

Take some time to breathe and be excited about wine night. Here are some of the things to keep in mind.

Make it interesting

Just because wine nights are supposed to be quite formal does not mean that you cannot inject some fun. For one, you can incorporate board and card games into it. A session of a poker game is fun whether you have it before or after the wine session. As a cherry on top, you may want to give away wine gift boxes in the UK that your guests can take home in case they win.

Pick a theme

A wine night is basically a party—but it is a soiree that is toned down. Regardless, you need to select a theme so that your guests will know what to expect. That way, your guests will also be prepared.

And because it is wine night, the type of wine you will be serving will depend on the theme. If it is a high-end night, your guests may be expecting you to serve some upscale wine. A casual party may make your guests expect grocer’s wine. Whatever your theme is, make sure that everyone will be okay with it.

Prepare the fare

Just because it is wine night does not mean that everyone will be drinking all night long. You will also have to prepare food that will come with the wine, but keep it light.

Antipasti are always a good idea, especially if you have an Italian night. But if you are leaning slightly towards some heavy fares, steaks are always your best bet. Do not forget chocolates and fruits, as they also complement the tastes of wine.

Be selective with guests

Friends holding their wine glasses up

You want your gathering to be private and intimate. As such, limit the number of guests. Do not be tempted to invite everyone at work or the friends of your friends. You may feel that you may be hurting other people’s feelings, but you need to be practical. Invite only the people you have close ties with.

These are only some of the things you should remember if you want to host a successful wine party with friends at your home. You ought to keep it simple.

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