Solar Panel Installation: Upgrading Your Household and Benefiting from Incentives

In the midst of a significant drop in prices, financial incentives, and environmental benefits have the current offer of sun power dealers become more attractive to you? Convincing a household to shift to solar energy seems to be easier now that $5,500 worth of solar panels generates about 20 kWh daily.

However, are you convinced yet?

Unbelievable savings

The cost of electric consumption varies per state, and some households would have a higher average daily consumption than others. If you run an air-conditioning unit non-stop during the summer, you’d probably utilize more than the $73 average per month.

Considering all the other factors that could increase the average cost, it is important for American homeowners to consider alternative energy sources. What if we tell you that estimated annual savings with full usage of the power generated by solar panels amount to $2,000?

Would you like to hear more about solar energy? Whether you patronize American-made solar panels or decide to install foreign-made the savings would be significant in the long term. Producing solar power costs about 5–6 cents per kilowatt-hour.

If you invest now, you can expect a full return on investment in three to five years! A bigger installation would cost more and would take longer to recuperate. However, after you have recovered the cost of investing in a solar panel array, the household would be protected from the rising cost of electricity.

Off the grid

Having a photovoltaic system working for your benefit gives your household a huge advantage. It doesn’t mean cutting off your electrical supply from the power grid overnight, but the benefits you reap will resonate not only through generations of your family but with the global community as well.

Answering the clarion call for more sustainable energy sources is a commendable move that every American household must consider. When you have solar panels generating energy for household use you are not utilizing electric power provided by the grid.

The amount of energy you do not use will be fed off the grid. This credit will be paid a small amount. If you are using solar power to its fullest capacity, then the credit amount is smaller.

Solar batteries can store the energy you will not use. With storage capacity comes greater savings. With this capacity, your household can run on sustainable energy for most of its power needs.

Incentives await

Solar Panel Installation
Solar panel on a red roof reflecting the sun and the cloudless blue sky

When the sun shines on a cloudless sky, it unleashes its full power. The cloud cover and length of day influence how much power a photovoltaic system can produce and store. You must figure out these things to determine if you have adequate sunshine to take full advantage of the merits of a solar array.

In your reckoning consider the fact that the United States government encourages homeowners to shift to alternative energy sources with incentives, with extra state motivators available in locations with high solar ranking.

When you apply for the federal solar tax credit, you are eligible for a 30 percent rebate on the cost of the installation. It is up to you to find out about available tax credits in your state, as well as fast-tracked permits and waived fees. You have to ask a local sun power provider about additional bonuses they provide clients as well.

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