Buying Gold Jewelry the Right Way

Gold is one of the most coveted types of material in the jewelry world, and for very good reason. It exudes luxury and elegance and owning some gold pieces lets the whole world know that you indeed have money and class.

Gold used to be as good as money back in the days and was used for trade. Today though, having gold pieces in your collection is more of a status symbol. Gold is everything but cheap though, so today, we will discuss some things that you should always remember when buying gold fashion jewelry in Salt Lake City.

Consider the Piece’s Purity Levels

The “Karats” are what determines the pureness of a piece of gold jewelry, so if you want to go for the purest one, then buy the 24 karat gold pieces. 24 karats are the highest ones you could get, as this means that the jewelry contains 100% pure gold. These are usually very expensive, but very beautiful as well.

However, you do not always have to go for the ones with the highest karat. You would have to consider different factors such as what you will be using it for and if the golden alloy good for you. 24-karat gold is very soft, delicate, and can easily be damaged, so if you are planning on using it often, then you might want to go for the ones with a lower karat.

Take a Look at the Quality

gold watch and coinsA lot of gold pieces can be deceiving, so that piece that you think is pure gold actually might not be. Some pieces may look like they are made of 24-karat gold but actually, they are just gold plated or gold filled.

Gold filled is literally filled with gold, while gold plated is often mixed with an alloy to create a tougher metal. Most jewelry enthusiasts actually prefer the gold plated ones, as these do not fade, tarnish, chip, or change colors. For them, this is actually a better investment than gold filled ones.

Be Familiar with Colors and Alloys

Gold is known to be always yellow in color, but not every piece of gold jewelry is yellow in color. Gold is often associated with yellow-colored things, such as the sunset, honey, or even sunflowers. However, there are other colors of gold such as white, rose, and even green.

White gold looks a lot like silver, but white gold is actually a lot brighter than silver if you look at it closely. Rose gold has a pinkish hue and is very pleasing to the eyes. This has been a popular choice for engagement rings lately due to its romantic appearance. Green gold is very rare, but it turns green because jewelers mix gold and silver to create a green hue. These are very expensive and can only be mined naturally, and these usually could not be seen in jewelry shops, as they are indeed very rare.

Make sure to do your research and ask your jeweler some questions before buying the gold jewelry of your choice. Always remember the pointers above and you’ll be good!

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