Bug Bites: Preventive Measures and Quick Remedies

The best thing to do when you have possible infestations of termites, cockroaches, ticks or bed bugs is to call an exterminator. Whether you live in the outskirts of Boston or reside in Attleboro, Massachusetts, getting the help of an expert is always the best course of action.

You and the rest of the family might feel confidently safe at home. But you still spend time outside to go to work, restaurants, grocery stores, and parks. And with bad luck, you or your children might get bitten by bugs or insects or some other creepy crawlers. Adults can easily cope if the bite is something serious. But you as a parent might go crazy and all anxious if your child is bitten. It can happen at home, in school, or in the park.

Preventive Measures

Calling the pest control service is certainly an important step to take in the home environment. Even if there’s no infestation, you should have your house assessed, especially if you have a baby or toddler. Whether you find yourselves outdoor for a picnic or just for a quick trip to the grocery store, the following pointers can help:

  • Shorts are comfy but also expose your skin. Insects are busy during certain times of the day. If your quick walk outside coincides when the bugs are out, better to cover exposed skin by using pants and sleeves.
  • Walking the baby on a stroller? Plan your path and identify beforehand where the garbage bins are or where there might be stagnant water. If you can’t plan your route, look ahead of your path and observe if there are nearby garbage bins. Garbage bins and even pots with blooming flowers are known “headquarters” of insects.
  • Mosquito nets are time and tested anti-mosquito bite, especially if you have babies still in cribs. Before putting your babies to rest on their cribs, ensure that all windows are closed and don’t open the windows during bedtime. Using an electric fan helps keep mosquitoes away.
  • Sugary substances and other foods attract wasps or bees. Make sure that you keep your drinks or food covered while eating in parks or other open spaces. These insects can easily fly and get inside your soda bottle, for example. And when you try to get a sip while being unmindful of their presence, you might be greeted with a sting on your lip.
  • Ticks cling on grass or tree barks. Walk on pavements and avoid tall grass, which might be hosting ticks. They can stick in your clothing and then find their way onto your skin and bite.

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Quick Remedies

The most common bite you and your kids will likely experience is a mosquito bite. It’s going to be itchy. Applying a cold compress can lessen the swelling and reduce the sting and itchiness. Honey, lemon peels and apple cider vinegar are also known quick remedies that relieve itchiness.

Bees and other insects leave behind their stingers. Inspect the bitten area and remove the stinger by pulling or scraping. Use tweezers or hard plastics like credit cards to dislodge the stinger. Wash thoroughly using water and mild soap. Taking medications with acetaminophen or ibuprofen can lessen the pain.

The best means of prevention is to avoid insects. If severe symptoms manifest immediately, it’s best to take your child to the hospital for proper medical care.

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