A Simple Guide to Designing the Flow of Your Trade Show

Organizing a trade show requires you to look at the big picture while not losing sight of the minute but important details. It is a difficult task, yes. Among the very first things that you need to do is to secure a viable events space. You have to make sure that the venue will suit the theme of the event and can accommodate all your guests. However, venue-related concerns do not just stop at the selection process. There is still a lot of work to do.

Remember, your goal is to make sure that your guests will have a good time. And because you are organizing a trade show event, the right flow will keep your attendees from scrambling around and getting confused. You need to map out the journey of your guests so that they will appreciate your event’s theme and actually get to visit every booth on your event floor. Here are some tips that you may find useful.

Plan the Zones

When you already have a theme for your event and you have the specs of the venue, the next thing to do is to plan the zones. You have to decide which types of spaces your guests will appreciate when they enter. Will there be meeting rooms for booths that will accommodate consultations? Will there be specific areas for photo opportunities? Will there be a stage for some product demonstrations? To answer these questions, you need to find out the type of activities your exhibitors will have.

Apply Break Areas

Your attendees will be walking for a long time around the venue to discover the offerings of the exhibitors. Of course, they will get tired along the way. It would be nice to put designated resting areas in between booths. These spaces may have some couches or chairs. Some stations may be dedicated to food booths where guests can get their refreshments.

Plot the Journey

A trade show is essentially a journey for guests. In this regard, you need to visualize how your guests will be walking around or how they will be moving from one station to another without getting any disturbance. Other than providing a map of booths, it would be best to have guides throughout the space. You can work with some convention staffing teams from Idaho for this.

Ensure Safety

emergency exit in a building

This is something that you should not overlook. You must anticipate certain events that could stir panic and stampede. In case an untoward event happens, an emergency plan should be in place. The emergency exits should be clearly seen to avoid stampedes and make rescue much easier.

You have to start thinking of your event as a venue for your guests to explore. And as an organizer, it is your obligation to make their journey worthwhile and fruitful. You can only do that by maximizing the events space and planning the flow of the traffic. This is not easy, as you will have to estimate and accurately assume the behavior of your guests.

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