Tips for Planning Your Wedding After the Pandemic

Imagine the pandemic and all the lockdown restrictions ending tomorrow. Suddenly, that wedding date you have been dreaming of in the past year is now entirely possible. Now what?

Between the planning, booking and inviting tasks, you may soon find that you don’t have as much time as you thought you did. You blame yourself for not starting preparations when you had all the time in the world.

Well, there is time now. Here are some tips for planning your post-lockdown wedding:

Definitely — Maybe — Not List

Your first task is to establish which wedding planning tasks can be completed now, which ones can be done to some extent, and which ones are absolutely untouchable until the lockdowns end. You need to make a Definitely, Maybe, Not List.


This part of the list can include items like finalizing the people on your guest list, deciding the theme of your wedding, and picking out what you want to wear. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish and how much time you can save by completing these tasks now.

Choosing your theme, for example, can open a whole host of other tasks that you’ll need to sort out again. If, say, you want a barn wedding, you can already start looking at venues and design elements to complete the aesthetic.


Some items on your list may be dependent on certain factors that are sensitive to the lockdown restrictions. The venue, for example, is a maybe item because as much as you can book something now, the quickly changing regulations can potentially force you to cancel later on.

The venue, however, is not entirely inaccessible. Depending on where you live and what the rules are there, at worst, you’ll still be able to push through with your date just with heavy safety restrictions. If that’s okay with you, then by all means.

Other items on this list include looking at possible photographers, videographers, bands, DJs, and many others. Just be sure to get back to and complete these items in the soonest possible time.


You can’t even touch these items right now. They are entirely dependent on changing situations.

This list includes items like sending out invitations, making transportation arrangements for you and your guests, and some others. You get the idea.

Some General Tips

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Be Realistic

Even after the pandemic subsides, you probably shouldn’t invite 300 people and spend a million dollars for your post-lockdown wedding. In fact, according to Bride Magazine, both cost-saving and smaller ceremonies are among the most common wedding trends, now and likely well after the lockdowns.

The article even likens the experience to ‘eloping, ’ and how many couples prefer this kind of wedding anyway.

Be Safe

Just because lockdown measures are lifted in the future, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do everything you can to keep both your guests, your suppliers, and yourself safe. In fact, some of your guests may even still be uncomfortable attending these kinds of gatherings.

Ensure everyone by having a clear plan when it comes to health and safety. Make sure everyone understands that although you appreciate the sentiment of coming over for a hug, some guests may not be open to the idea just yet, and that’s okay.

Be Creative

Being safe doesn’t also mean you can’t be creative about your safety measures. Consider an outdoor ceremony. Not only will you and your attendees feel safer with the open air, you’ll also have a lot more room to work with, in terms of design.

You can also incorporate personal protective equipment or PPE into your motif. Some couples even give personalized face masks away as souvenirs from their wedding.

Be Happy

The most important advice of all is to be happy. It’s your special day! And Covid-19 or not, not everything you plan on your wedding will be perfectly executed anyway. Just do what you can right now and hope for the best. Congratulations in advance!

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