8 Important Factors to Remember When Planting a Tree

Planting trees is like preparing for the future. The tree you plant today will give back in so many ways a few years later. This could be in the form of beautiful flowers, fruits, shade, and protection from floods.

What Factors to Consider When Planting a Tree

1. Planting a tree on the correct spot is vital. A tree can grow very big so you need a lot of room for it to grow. The function of the tree will vary. For example, you can put it near the driveway or windows so that it can give shade when it grows. You may also want to put it there for some privacy. Just make sure there’s enough room to grow for its roots and branches.

2. The tree you’ll plant will be with you (and even the generation after you) for years. Decide which kind is the best for particular spots in your land. Doing this allows the tree to thrive. Some of the factors that come with choosing a tree are soil conditions. Different trees will have different reactions to a certain type of soil. You can ask an expert first to find out what tree is best for your chosen area. You should also ask when it’s best to plant that tree.

Caring for the Tree

3. Mulching is a great way to fertilize your tree. Aside from that, using mulch prevents weeds. It adds to the ability of the tree to survive during dry weather or other extreme temperatures.

4. When watering a tree, keep in mind to do it slowly. You can use a soaker hose for this procedure. This is recommended because unlike a spray nozzle and sprinkler, it ensures that the water slowly seeps into the roots.

5. Fallen leaves that look healthy can also be fertilizers. Use the smaller pieces and mix them with your mulch. For other kinds of fertilizer, you need to test the soil first. A soil test will let you know which kind to use and how often you have to use it. You can also ask professional help regarding the application of fertilizers. You want a healthy tree, not weeds and grass.

Additional Care for Trees

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6. Another way to care for a tree is to check the moisture of the soil. Moist soil is okay, but a wet one is not because it can lead to rotting. On the other hand, you have to increase your watering during drought to protect the tree.

7. Signs of stress in trees during drought are yellowing of the leaves, wilting, curling, and browning of the edges. Again, mulch can help with that in the sense that it can conserve moisture because it covers the ground.

8. Lastly, you can protect young trees by avoiding pesticides and herbicides because these can harm the leaves and roots. A tree trimming session in your Salt Lake City property is also important. Prune carefully when the tree is still young. They must also be protected from lawn equipment like mowers because they’re still sensitive to that.

Caring for trees is like caring for humans. You want to nurture and protect to see it grow and thrive. Doing so result in healthy trees that you and future generations can enjoy.

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