Wow-Worthy Weddings: Designing Your Venue

One of the most complicated parts of organizing a wedding is designing the venue. There are so many things to look into, and missing just one tiny detail may break your big celebration. But, you should not feel too stressed, especially if you are ahead of the schedule and there is more time left. What you should be doing at this point is coming up with a more streamlined list of things to do and ticking off the items that you have already accomplished. If you have not started yet, do it now.

Perhaps, among the most important things that you need to do is to think of a theme that is easy to execute. The aesthetics and the displays that you will apply to the venue will depend on the theme, so choose wisely. Moreover, it is important that you have already started scouting for beautiful party venues in Salt Lake City.

Here are the other things that you should keep in mind.

Plan the layout

The layout of your wedding venue should be easy to navigate, especially if you are setting up a lot of tables and chairs. The placement of the stage and caterers should be optimal. These are the spots that should be easily seen. The general layout of the venue should make sure that the guests can freely move around. Your layout plan should include some signs pointing to important facilities, such as the toilets and changing rooms.

Play with light

Remember, your event should set the mood. And this is something that you can easily do by choosing the right lights. The lights should not be too bright, as they will distract the guests. Do not just go for task lighting though, which is plain white. Instead, go for warm lighting, the type that you will see in fancy restaurants. Lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, can also add to the appeal of the venue. Ask your planner if these can be easily sourced.

Use the food as aesthetic elements

To add some twist to your displays, do not use only flowers and similar aesthetic items. You can even use food! For instance, the chocolate fondue can be poured into a fountain. You can have the vegetables and fruits cut intricately to show interesting patterns. You can even have an ice sculpture. This should depend on your theme.

Bring nature in

wedding of couple

Breathe life into your venue by bringing in some plants. You can use tall grasses and flowers as centerpieces for the guests’ tables. Garlands and flowers can double as mobiles, which will look more stunning with the help of beautiful lighting.

Your wedding should be a memorable day. And if you want it to be remembered for the best reasons, you need to invest your time in finding a good venue. Once you are done with that, start planning the look and layout of the place. That way, you will find it much easier to set the mood and tone of the event, which, in turn, contributes to the enjoyment of the guests.

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