Is a Masters in Graphic Design Worth It?

With today’s emerging media inclination, it’s hard to deny that graphic design is one of the most critical aspects of marketing and advertising. Visual design encourages people to buy a product, read an article, or sign up for a service.

And with 55 percent of businesses now relying on creative visuals to communicate their message and engage their target audience, the importance of graphic design in modern times is only increasing.

This shift has also increased demand for graphic designers, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates 24,800 job openings yearly in the United States alone. So, what does this mean for those considering a career in graphic design?

For starters, it means that there has never been a better time to get a graphic design degree. But what if you want to take your career to the next level? Is a master’s in graphic design worth it?

What Is a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design For?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider getting a master’s degree in graphic design. Below are some compelling reasons to help you make your decision.

Better Standing on Opportunities

What Is a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design For?

As a graphic designer, aspiring to reach the top of your field is a realistic goal. After all, only 22 percent of designers are self-employed, which means that most designers are employed by companies where they report to a boss or manager.

While some may argue that on-the-job experience is more important than schooling, the fact is that most employers prefer to hire designers with master’s degrees. With 74 percent of employers raising the bar when it comes to hiring standards, a bachelor’s degree might not be enough to get your foot in the door.

Expertise in Several Graphic Design Programs

Many graphic design programs are only accessible through graduate school. The program format, coursework, and structure differ from undergraduate programs, as you’ll be able to take more specialized and detailed classes.

These classes will better prepare you for a career in graphic design, as you’ll be able to learn about the latest trends, software, and technologies. You’ll also have the opportunity to work with other designers, faculty members, and professionals in the field, which can help you network and make connections for your future career.

Improved Career and Salary

With professional development comes job growth, and with this growth comes an increased salary. In fact, the median salary for a graphic designer with a master’s degree is $70,000-$90,000, which is way higher than the average designer.

So, if you’re looking to improve your career and salary prospects, enrolling in a master’s program in graphic design is worth considering.

Learn More Professional Practices

Your design skills are only as good as what you’ve learned. Higher education allows you to get the advanced training you need to become an expert in your field.

You’ll learn design principles and professional practices that you can apply to your work, making you more marketable and in demand. You’ll also learn technical aspects of the field, such as communication design, information design, and web design. It can also sharpen your knowledge in expanding your horizons, from learning the ways to overcome a creative block to the business side of design.

These skills will come in handy when you’re working on real-world projects, as you’ll be able to apply the latest techniques and trends to your work.

Networking With Other Graphic Designers

Many design techniques are learned through experience, and one of the best ways to gain experience is by networking with other designers.

And when you’re enrolled in a master’s program, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with designers with advanced skills, design thinking, and creative abilities. These connections can help you find mentors, collaborate on projects, and learn from other designers.

You’ll also have the opportunity to network with professionals in other fields, such as advertising, web development, and marketing. These connections can lead to job opportunities and help you build a well-rounded career.

What Master’s Can You Do With Graphic Design?

Many programs for different graphic design courses are available for a master’s degree. Here are the primary degree types you can pursue:

Master of Fine Arts in Graphic Design (MFA Graphic Design) 

This fine arts degree is a terminal degree that focuses on developing skills for students who want a career as an educator or a researcher. This graduate degree involves courses such as research methods in design, design history, and criticism.

Master of Arts in Graphic Design (MA Graphic Design)

If you want to balance liberal arts with graphic design, this degree is for you. The degree offers a curriculum that covers both areas. It helps students learn about design principles, art history, and ethics while also developing their technical skills. As a result, you’re in a higher position in the job market and have better opportunities for senior positions.

The Master of Science in Graphic Design (MS Graphic Design)

A far more technical degree, this course focuses on the science and technology behind design. This degree is perfect for students who want to develop their skills in software development, web design, and data visualization.

Is There a Master’s in Design?

What Is a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design For?

Some schools also offer a Master of Design (MDes) degree. This degree focuses on computer-aided design, interaction design, and experience design. The MDes is perfect for students who want to work in the fields of user experience or interface design.

A graphic information technology degree is also available for students who want to focus on the technical side of design. This degree covers topics such as web development, database design, and information architecture. These skills are essential for students who want to work in web design or web development.

Who Should Take a Master’s in Graphic Design?

Creative professionals can benefit from a master’s in graphic design. This degree is perfect for designers who want to take their careers to the next level and improve their skills. If you want to be in a higher position in the job market and have better opportunities for senior positions, enrolling in a master’s program is worth considering.

How Long Does a Masters in Graphic Design Take?

It takes 1-3 years to complete a master’s in graphic design, depending on the type of program and the school you attend. Part-time students may take longer to finish their degrees as there are more course requirements.

How Much Does a Masters in Graphic Design Cost?

The cost of a master’s in graphic design varies depending on the school you attend and the type of program. On average, you can expect to spend $30,000-$60,000 on tuition and fees per year.

However, there are more affordable alternatives to master’s programs. These programs offer scholarships and financial aid, which can help offset the cost of tuition. Additionally, some schools allow students to take graphic design online programs, which can save money on room and board.

A graphic design online degree is possible through many schools. An online master of science program is ideal for working professionals who want to advance their careers without quitting their jobs. It’s also a good option for students who want to save money on tuition and fees.

How Do I Enroll for a Graphic Design Master’s Degree?

The requirements vary depending on the school you want to attend. Most programs require a bachelor’s degree, although some may require a professional portfolio or an undergraduate degree in graphic design.

To apply, submit your official academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and artist’s statement. Prospective students may also have to take an entrance exam, such as the Graduate Record Exam, or submit samples of their creative work.

Which Country Has the Best Schools?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Every country has schools that offer excellent programs in graphic design. However, some countries, such as the United Kingdom, Italy, United States, and Japan, are known for their design schools.

The Royal College of Art in London is one of the top design schools in the world. This school offers programs in various design disciplines, including graphic design, architecture, and fashion.

Other notable schools include the Parsons School of Design at The New School in New York City, the University of Tokyo in Japan, and Politecnico di Milano in Italy.

Is a Master’s in Graphic Design Worth It?

A master’s graphic design program is a significant investment of time and money. However, this degree can help you advance your career and improve your skills. If you are dedicated to your craft and want to be in a higher position in the job market, then a master’s degree is worth considering.

A Masters in Graphic Design can be an excellent way to advance your career. Understanding the basics of this ever-growing field can create a strong foundation for your future. This degree can help those who want to take their careers to the next level. Be at the forefront of opportunities and advances in the industry by learning from the best. Get ahead of the competition and find out what a Masters in Graphic Design can do for you.

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