Planning Your Own Funeral in Advance: A Practical Decision

Death is inevitable. It is a reality of life that no one can escape from. Fortunately, even though it is something you cannot avoid, it is something that you can prepare for.

Planning your funeral might not be as popular as planning your birthday party or wedding, but it is a practical move that can save your loved ones from the burden and financial dilemmas.

Choosing a cemetery in Bountiful to be buried as is a start, but there is so much more than just deciding on your final resting place. Knowing the nitty-gritty details of funeral planning and actually having a plan of action are needed to make sure that things fall into place even long after you are gone.

Here are some points to include in your funeral planning process.

1. Take care of the paperwork.

One of the most tedious works to handle when someone passes away (especially if it is sudden) is the paper works. Imagine mourning for the loss of a loved one and having to organize, decide, and sign on multiple documents just so the body can be released and laid to rest properly.

People want to avoid this kind of burden and is, therefore, realizing the importance of having their will and testament ready while they are still able. Assigning people to take care of this task and making sure that all documents are binding and legal plays a huge role in your funeral planning.

2. Decide on your funeral options.

How do you want to be rested? Do you prefer to be buried or cremated? Do you want to have a green funeral and make sure that your death leaves little to no waste as possible? Or are you willing to have your body be studied and used for research?

Deciding on your options early on allows your family members to know how to deal with your body after your death.

3. Invest early on.

Dying is not cheap. This is the reason more and more people are investing in pre-planned funeral packages as early as they can to lift the financial burden off their loved ones when the time to say goodbye comes. Investing in your death as early as possible might not be the norm just yet, but doing so would be one of the most practical decision you will make.

4. Plan the whole service.

old woman choosing flowersListing songs you want to be played, choosing your casket color, assigning people who will give your eulogy, and planning how you want the day to go is bittersweet. But having a picture of how you want your last day on earth to be and discussing it with your loved ones is the only way to make sure that you get the kind of funeral service that you want in the end.

Your funeral might not be the best event to plan, but it is important to be prepared for that day. Deciding early on can reap more benefits for both yourself and your loved ones.

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