Why Socializing at Work Is Important

Even in the workplace, there is a lot of socialization happening. Opportunities arise when people from different departments need to interact for a project, or during lunch time when everyone is looking for a place to eat. There are those who choose to isolate themselves from colleagues, and while this might not have a direct impact on their work performance, it affects their happiness in the office.

Companies should encourage and not stifle opportunities for socialization in the workplace to help everyone integrate well into the workforce.

Building Lifelong Friends

Positive feelings should be attached to an employee’s stay in the company. The longer they have been there, it is assumed that they know more and pull more weight in terms of knowing what’s best for everyone. You might not know that that person who never attends after-hours socialization is unhappy with their job because they don’t say anything. They might not harm the company in ways you can see, but their attitude could infect other employees. A simple change in the workplace, such as hiring corporate catering services in Culver City, can go a long way in bringing people together and making connections through positive experiences. The free food is the vehicle for conversation, and who knows, your employees might just find their new best friends?

Sharing Ideas

Your employees could be sitting on the next great innovation your company can come up with, but they don’t feel like their idea is good enough to be pitched. If they keep it to themselves, it will benefit no one. Change this by allowing employees to share their ideas and incentivize their drive to help improve the company. You don’t have to make a grand gesture anytime soon, though. Simple things such as letting employees discuss freely can already go a long way in making them feel comfortable enough to share. Avoid punitive actions when you hear them talking about changes, and instead get to the bottom of why they think the change is necessary. Employees want to know that their opinions matter, and what better way to show them that than by letting them speak their mind?

group of friends working on a project together

Going Out as a Group

Some employees want to be done with work and everything about the office as soon as they clock out. They would rather get home and read a book by themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, sometimes employees need to unwind before getting home, and if they don’t feel welcomed in the office, the end of the day might just be a sad one. An easy way to encourage socialization is to make plans to hang out after office hours. It doesn’t have to be a formal dinner; it could be casual drinks with friends who happen to work in the same company. If you see a new place that looks promising, mention it around the office and invite some people. And when you get there, try not to talk too much about work so that everyone will feel comfortable.

The office can feel like a more welcoming place if everyone socializes with each other readily. Encourage engagement among employees whenever you can.

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