What Makes Us Enamored With Babies?

Nothing can bring you as much joy and happiness as seeing your baby being born into this world. It has been a long nine months, and finally, the little one is here. You frantically look for a newborn photographer to capture this moment. You ask to have a lot of pictures taken from many different angles, and you just know that viewing them later will bring a smile to your face. Relatives and loved ones will start ringing you up to congratulate you, and they, too, are excited to see the infant in person. Everybody seems to go gaga over the tiny bundle of joy. So this begs the question: Why do babies have that effect on people?

The Chunk


Your hands cannot seem to get enough of your baby. The round cheeks on that face are just begging to be pinched. But be careful with that, as their skin is still sensitive and can easily catch a rash. Make sure your hands are clean before anything else or avoid touching altogether. If you really cannot help it, you can do a little nudge with one of your knuckles.

Babies typically have around 15% body fat the moment they are born, and they will gain more of that during their first year. This will give them a plump and chunky look. Their arms and legs will get stubby while their hands and feet will start to look like tiny pillows. When you carry them, they would feel soft and fluffy in your arms.

The Squeak

The first sound you hear from a newborn should be its cry. It is a good indicator that the baby is doing well and healthy. Some doctors would even slap the butt to agitate or elicit a reaction. But that cry is a sign of things to come, for you, as parents, will be hearing that for at least the next two years. Prepare for a lot of sleepless nights. All that effort will be worth it, though, as soon as you hear your baby begin to make sounds. Their vocal cords are still developing, so all you will hear would be mostly little squeaks. But these are what makes listening to them so adorable. The tinny, high-pitched voice that they have fit very well with their tiny size.

The Eyes

Babies are born with their eyes closed. Just as you have anticipated their birth, you also would wait with bated breath for their eyes to open. It will be a wonderful moment when you finally see those little beady eyes. They truly make their faces look expressive.

You will see them first in a confused state, and this is because they are still adjusting to the environment around them. A baby will initially have near-nearsightedness. So all of you who are staring at it will just look like a blur in their eyes. They do respond to contrasting colors, though. So those wearing black and white patterns might get noticed first.

A baby is truly a blessing for couples. It will bring them a new sense of responsibility, one that they must fulfill for the rest of their lives. But for the others, they will get to see cuteness personified, and they will surely wish they had one right now.

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