Types of Crystals for Healing: Find the Right One For You

In recent years, the New Age movement has seen a massive revival in popularity. This popularity is reflected by yoga studios popping up everywhere and an increasing number of people turning to alternative medicine practices such as crystal healing. There are numerous ways to use these crystals; from necklaces and massage treatments to water bottles containing gemstones, these special stones have many uses!

For centuries, crystal healing has been revered as an alternative medicine; some sources estimate that it originated approximately 6,000 years ago with the ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia. With more and more data becoming available to consumers on therapies like this, there is yet no peer-reviewed research verifying its effectiveness. On the flip side, neither are there indications that crystals can cause harm – provided they’re not used instead of traditional treatments.

Healing Crystals

Crystals contain physical properties, such as a distinct geometry of atoms and molecules, that can affect the refraction of light waves and electric charges. Crystal healing introduces these traits to how they may alter the body’s vibration levels, electrical charge strength, and performance.

The power of healing crystals is thought to work on two levels: through its power of suggestion and resonating energy. While crystals have often been disregarded as mere superstition, research indicates they may be capable of inducing a placebo effect.


Utilizing crystalline healing amplifies the power of your thoughts and speaks to one’s connection with history and faith. From poets to religious leaders throughout the ages, crystals have been viewed as symbols of purity, pleasure, trustworthiness, and superiority. Crystals served a vital role in inspiring devotion, creativity, and optimism – a reverence that continues today!

Vibrational Medicine

Decades ago, Marcel Vogel, an IBM researcher, invented the concept of vibrational medicine, which assumes that crystal healing would modify the vibration of the body’s molecules to parallel the vibrational power of whatever stone is employed. According to Dr. Jenelle Kim: “Crystals and humans share a similar frequency level meaning they pulsate at equivalent tones as people do to boost the natural curing process further.”

Commonly-Used Healing Crystals

In the world of crystal healing, you’ll be able to find every kind of unique stone with incredible properties. These are the more commonly-used healing crystals:

Clear Quartz


Believed by many to be a powerful tool for healing, this white crystal has the potential to magnify energy and aid in concentration, memory, and balancing your energetic system. It’s often combined with other minerals, such as rose quartz, to amplify its effects even further.

It’s also worth knowing that the stone in mood rings is an empty quartz or glass shell that holds thermotropic liquid crystals. Contemporary jewelry pieces are usually created with strips of these liquid crystals covered by protective layers.


This beautiful crystal has been called the “supreme nurturer” due to its extraordinary abilities. It is believed that this stone can empower your spirit and protect you from negative energy while also boosting courage, confidence, and quick thinking – all essential assets when facing complex tasks or issues. In times of stress, it may help prepare you to face the day with renewed strength and vigor!



Obsidian is known to possess profound protective capabilities. It safeguards you from physical and psychological harm and removes emotional blockages that can hinder your journey in life. This ebony stone is believed to be a catalyst for promoting clarity of thought, the strength of character, and compassion, which will further aid in uncovering one’s true self. Furthermore, Obsidian may help process experiences, good or bad, that have been cluttering up the mind space so you can unload anything holding you back without worry!


Amethyst is an astonishingly strong crystal, the most potent one in existence. Its regal purple color vibrates with love emanating from your heart chakra, encouraging divine manifestation and spiritual growth like never before.


Sunstone is known to be one of the most powerful crystals, offering good luck and fortune. It can aid in self-healing processes within your body. The crystal can also cleanse thoughts and anxieties and boost self-confidence and optimism. If you know someone that could use a little extra positive energy in their life – gift them this gem! Allow its power to bring out inner strength that will help create lasting joy and serenity.

Uses of Healing Crystals

Even though you can style an outfit with jewelry with healing crystals, there are other uses for them as well.


Aromatherapy is a great way to take advantage of the healing properties of essential oils and crystals. You can do this by placing one or more stones in an oil diffuser, allowing the aroma to fill the air with relaxation and peace.



Adding a crystal or two to your meditation practice can help deepen and strengthen its effects. Choose one that corresponds to your chosen intention and hold it in your hands. Focus on the crystal and its energy as you meditate, allowing the healing properties to work their magic!

Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is an approach that takes into account all aspects of a person’s life. It looks at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, lifestyle, and environment. Healing crystals can support holistic healing, from releasing emotional blockages and calming the mind to balancing the body’s energy system.

No matter how you choose crystal healing, it’s important to remember that, like anything else, its effects depend on your mindset and faith. When paired with a positive attitude and an open mind, crystals can be powerful tools for manifesting the life you want. With so many options to choose from – there’s sure to be one that speaks to your heart! Find the right crystal for you and let its power work miracles in your life!

  • Disclaimer: No peer-reviewed scientific evidence exists that crystal healing has any effect, and it is considered a pseudoscience.

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