Instances That You Need an Ultrasound Scan

An ultrasound scan is one of the most common medical assessments that doctors prescribe especially when they need to diagnose your condition for the first time. That said, ultrasound scan services are everywhere to accommodate patients who seek medical consultations without the need for hospital admission. It would help us understand this medical service more if we know when it is needed. The following are the instances that you might need an ultrasound scan in London or any other metropolitan area:

Abdominal Problems

The most common abdominal problems that we encounter include bloating or swelling, nausea, vomiting, abnormal sounds, and lumps in the abdomen. An ultrasound scan is needed for the diagnosis of the condition or conditions that result in such health problems. The common structure analyzed by an ultrasound scan in the abdomen is the bile ducts, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder, liver, spleen, and blood vessels in the abdomen. These are the organs that might be having difficulty functioning. Depending on the result of an ultrasound scan, the doctor can diagnose the problem and address the root cause instead of merely providing medication for symptoms. Innovations in the ultrasound scan for the abdomen allows the control of the depth of the signal to produce better quality images to examine. It also allows better scanning for various cases that are difficult to scan such as when a patient is obese.

Female Reproduction Problems and Pregnancy

Women may suffer from a lot of problems concerning their reproductive system. These include pelvic pain, fibroids, cysts, abnormal periods, other reproductive conditions. An ultrasound scan can help detect the problems within and around the female reproductive system to correctly diagnose the condition. Aside from reproductive problems, women also need the ultrasound scan during reproduction itself. Pregnancy requires monthly monitoring of the baby to assess the condition of its growth and development. This allows the doctor to check fetal abnormalities like spina bifida, the position of the fetus, and the age. The traditional ultrasound scan provides 2D imaging while the new ultrasound scans for pregnancy provide 3D and 4D images.

Blood Vessel Problems

One kind of ultrasound is used for blood vessel problems. The Doppler ultrasound provides the information on the speed and direction of blood flow in a specific region of the body. It could be the neck area, legs, or anywhere that needs assessment of the veins. The soundwaves create an image of how the blood passes through the veins and arteries. An ultrasound scan for the blood vessel is commonly ordered to examine a blood clot or a circulatory system blockage. Patients who have undergone surgery in the blood vessel need the ultrasound scan to monitor if the blood vessel is back to its normal condition.

Heart problems

heart problems

Another type of ultrasound is used specifically for heart problems. The Echocardiogram is a painless scan that does not require any preparation on the part of the patient. It provides information about the size of your heart, problems of the heart valves, and how well or poor your heart is pumping. It can also be used for pregnancy to check the baby for any heart defect.

There are more ways an ultrasound scan can help diagnose illnesses and monitor the condition of a patient during and after medical treatment. Some of these are biopsies, musculoskeletal scans, breast scans, and eye scans. There would be more innovations on the ultrasound that will deal with its current limitations. For now, stay fit and healthy to avoid needing one.

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