Tactics for Marketing Success with Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise has, for ages, been a significant and integral element of promotions and sponsorships by businesses. You, after all, want to reap as much publicity as you can from the investment you make in an event or the promotional item you give away.

The best of branded items will help companies connect with their target markets emotionally, reinforce their messages, and engage with clients. Clients are nonetheless apprehensive about being only part of your company’s statistics.

You thus should aim to get the best custom promotional products to personalise your marketing through their use. Getting products that set you apart from competitors and make clients want to use the products daily is no mean feat.

The following are some of the tactics that guarantee marketing success with branded promotional merchandise.

Pick Items with a High Perceived and Usability Value

The ideal promotional items nowadays are lifestyle products. This is because people are all the keener on exuding a specific appearance and live life at a certain level. The best choices, therefore, for your promotional items, include hoodies, water bottles, journals and reusable bags, among others.

If a recipient can use your products frequently, this, of course, keeps your brand at the top of their minds. Rather than focus on one lifestyle product, invest in complementary but diverse products to spread out your chances of the products getting used.

When picking the designs for these items aim for catchy and creative designs that bring value to your clients and have an evident brand personality.

Implement an Effective Marketing Strategy


You, from the get-go, should aim for items that communicate a brand-conscious connection, empathy, and reliability. For this, you should have a clear persona of your target market and create items that resonate with the demographics you are targeting and aim for products that appeal to them.

With your persona, you can also opt to co-brand along with the best-performing brand among your target market.

Do Not Limit Your Theme

With branded giveaways, you are primarily focused on the establishment of distribution and messaging that resonates with a specific audience. Getting products, on the other hand, with cross-cutting themes, allows their ongoing use for you to reach a broad audience.

Have staple merchandise pieces that appeal to a wide audience but also invest in seasonal products to boost specific campaigns from time to time.

Do Not Be Invasive

The best promotional products are those that are alluring, creatively done, and subtle. Aim for non-invasive promotion to create a lasting impact among your target audience. Forcing the products on your target audience comes off as too invasive and minimises the odds of them using them.

Giving the items to a select audience creates an aura of exclusivity and boosts the odds of their use.

Simply slapping a logo on an item does not transform it into a promotional item. Your first step for the above tactics should be getting the best company to produce your items. Partner with a service provider intent on developing the marketing solutions that will keep you in front of your target audience.

They should also maximise your brand’s visibility to guarantee the success of your marketing.

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