Style Options for Putting a Dreamy Bedroom Together

Bedrooms have evolved from the functional rooms they were in the past to design elements that you can entreat to and completely relax in. When putting together a dreamy bedroom, the key component you should focus on is your bed’s look. This piece of furniture will, after all, occupy the largest space in your room. Most people will assume that a dreamy bedroom is expensive and that putting one together should be left to those with deep pockets.

With the right choices of your bed frame and other elements during a mattress sale in Salt Lake City, the picture of a dreamy bedroom will become a reality, irrespective of your budget. The key lies in knowing which elements will work for your intended bedroom style before heading out for your shopping. The following are the style options for dreamy bedrooms and some tidbits on putting them together:

Simple and Classic

The best color choice for this style option is white. Go for white linen sheets with smooth and clean edges or crisp cotton sheets. You can add a coverlet or woven quilt to incorporate a touch of color in your bedroom. The white cotton and linen sheets will create the perfect blank to build your entire bedroom on. To round off your look, pick a solid wood or metal headboard in a solid color and white pillows.

Pretty and Patterned

Bedroom with black interiorThis is the style option for those looking for a dynamic look. There are vast possibilities when you opt for patterns as your focal point. When putting this look together, go for earthy brown, gray, yellow, or orange bed sheets and duvets in Indian textiles. Impressionist patterns in bright palettes, such as those found in Italian fabric bed sheets, will also work for those looking for an energetic bedroom ambiance. These can be paired with solid-colored pillows in earthy tones.

Comfy and Cozy

This is for homeowners looking for a place to escape all their cares at the end of a grueling day. The look features thin duvets with silk bed sheets and down pillows. You can layer several pillows to create the perfect full and lush look. Black, gray, and brown work for comfy and cozy bedrooms, and you can also add color to the room with curtains and paintings.

Swappable and Single-Toned

This style works mostly for masculine bedrooms and those looking for an airy bedroom look. Here, you will choose a single color for all your bed linen and pillows. This makes it easy to stock a single color of bed linen for swapping and completely changing your bed’s look from time to time. Most people will add a splash of color to their single-toned beds using throw pillows in different colors. Alternatively, you can choose one color for your sheets, duvets, and pillows, but mix the shapes and designs.

With these options, putting the perfect dreamy bedroom together will be a walk in the park. You do not need to choose anything less than the perfect look for your bedroom. This will determine the quality of sleep you get and consequently your level of productivity in everything you do.

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