How to Make Your Wedding Even More Memorable

A traditional wedding ceremony already makes a lasting impression on you and your guests. But given everything that happened in 2020, you deserve all the happiness in the world. Step out of tradition and make your wedding one for the books.

But how do you make your wedding memorable for you and everyone you invite?

When you think of wedding plans, the first questions that pop into mind are almost always about what you’re going to wear and what the catering will be. But those aren’t the only things to focus on. There are four other major things to consider when you’re planning your wedding: the location, dress code, vows, and wedding rings.

Set the Location

If you choose to work with a wedding planner, or even when you don’t, one of the first things you should finalize is the location. Hotels, barns, and backyards are some of the most popular wedding venues. Couples who have the budget might opt for a destination wedding in Alaska, Hawaii, Napa Valley, or somewhere equally exciting.

International destinations are also an option. Cities like Paris and Sicily have a distinctly romantic air. But given the COVID-19 travel restrictions, not all borders are open yet. If you have a long engagement, you can still plan that international destination wedding.

Specify the Dress Code

You spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect wedding dress or about which coat looks best while you’re walking down the aisle. But equally important is what your guests will wear. Some people get too caught up in wedding preparations that they forget about setting a dress code. Make your guests part of your picture-perfect vision.

If you’re planning a beach wedding, it’s not enough to tell guests to go tropical. Specify whether you want them to dress in soft, muted tones or in loud, floral prints. The same goes when you have a more formal, elegant theme. Your family and friends would be more than happy to dress up to match the vision you have for your special day.

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Write Your Own Vows

As romantic as the traditional wedding vows are, they’ve been exchanged by many married couples around the world. If you want something that your future spouse will remember forever and that will delight your guests, write your own vows. Insert some anecdotes and inside jokes to make the vows more sincere and heartfelt.

And if you want to wrap up your wedding vows with song lyrics, whether it’s a romantic line from your partner’s favorite song or a quirky chorus that both of you enjoy dancing to, nobody’s stopping you from doing that, too.

Design Your Wedding Rings

Last and by no means least, you have to think about your wedding ring design. A wedding lasts for one night but marriage is forever. And your wedding rings are there to cap off the wedding ceremony and serve as a lifelong reminder of the vows you exchanged. So, consider personalizing these symbols of marriage.

Diamond-encrusted wedding bands will never go out of style. But if you and your partner prefer other gems or no gems at all, go for it. As for the band, decide on which one best complements both of you: silver, gold, or platinum bands.

Wedding planning can seem overwhelming but everything else will flow smoothly once you’ve finalized the location, dress code, vows, and rings. There are many factors you need to iron out, of course, but you can get some help with those. Let your wedding planner or entourage help you with other aspects like the catering and the guest list. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all.

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