Self-Care: Telltale Signs That You’re Not Taking It Seriously

Everyone lives in an age where society pushes people to be the best version of themselves. And sometimes, this can be achieved at the expense of one’s well-being. Rendering overtime work and being busy because of the career are often glorified. It’s like being exhausted has been considered as a badge of honor.

However, you should run counter the current. You need to keep in mind that your well-being is a priority and that it should not be compromised. Self-care is an essential dimension of being healthy. And if you are not taking this seriously, your body will send you signs. It will tell you that you have been neglecting it.

Below are some of the indications that you are neglecting self-care.

Getting sick is becoming more usual

Being sick is a sign that your body is undergoing changes and that it is responding negatively to outside stimuli. If you easily catch flu or you experience fever more often than you should, it may mean that your immune system is compromised. You can recover on your own, but for a change, you should visit your doctor. That brings you to another concern: when was the last time you visited your doctor?

You’re always tired and stressed

tired and stressed

There lots of reasons you get tired. It may be because you are working too hard or maybe, you are experiencing insomnia. Your body needs rest, so as much as possible, give yourself that hearty break. Do not deprive yourself of sleep. Sleep is the perfect time for your body to heal and recover so that you will be ready for the next day’s bottle. If you have trouble sleeping and you feel jittery all the time, it is time that you visited a specialist, such as a psychiatrist or a sleep doctor.

You’re gaining weight

For a lot of people, gaining weight is a goal, especially if they are trying to be heavier. But for some, it may spell problems. Gaining weight is often attributed to a lack of sleep and unhealthy diets. Often, they are connected. When you lack sleep, you tend to source your energy through food. Extra weight may also mean that you are not getting enough exercise. So maybe this weekend, you may want to pick up a pair of hiking shoes for women and go on a hike at a national park to get yourself sweating.

You’ve been relying on stimulants

Workdays can be stressful, and you need to stay alert. But that should not come at the expense of your health. If you have been relying on stimulants, such as coffee and energy drinks, it may mean that you have not received enough rest or sleep. Again, try sleeping early, so that you will be alert and ready to power through your workday.

Change the way you live!

Getting healthy and living a positive lifestyle do not happen overnight. They are a series of little habits that bring about positive impacts in the long run. So, it’s never too late! You can start adjusting your lifestyle and change the way you live!

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