How to Take Good Care of Your Luxury and Designer Jewelry

Jewelry, especially the designer and luxurious ones, definitely do not run cheap. They are one of the most sought-after investments in this world, bought and kept by both men and women. They can also say a lot about the person, especially when they are sporting personalized and designer ones.

Here, we will discuss some of the most important things that you should always keep in mind when buying your designer and luxury jewelry in jewelry stores in Washington.

Buy a Few Cases

Before even buying your designer and luxury pieces, you should always remember to get proper cases to keep them in. These pieces are expensive and should be kept in their right cases to prevent them from wearing off and losing their value. If you travel a lot and you like bringing your jewelry along with you, then make sure to get leather and fabric-lined jewelry boxes to keep them in. This will prevent them from getting worn off during your travel.

If you are more into luxury pieces, then you should get a safe to keep them inside your home. This will prevent theft, plus, your children can sometimes mess with your jewelry and lose them easily. Keep them in a safe or a vault so you would not have to worry about them constantly.

Get Ones That You Know You Will Use


Avoid getting jewelry that you know you would only keep and never use. Jewelry is meant to be worn and appreciated, and keeping them away is such a shame, especially to the ones who crafted it. When getting luxury and designer pieces, make sure to get ones that you know you will get a lot of uses from. These pieces should make you happy and fulfilled, especially when you are wearing them.

Insure and Appraise

It would be wise to insure and appraise your jewelry right after getting them. This is for the sake of safekeeping, in case you lose them or get them damaged in the future. This should always be the case when buying jewelry, especially if you are going for expensive and luxurious ones. Ask your jeweler about the insurance and appraisal policies that they have for their jewelry and apply for it ASAP.

Do Not Base it All on Investment

Jewelry is a personal type of investment, and thus, you should always be able to feel like your personality is connected to your jewelry. You should not buy pieces based on who wore them before or who used to own them, as chances are this will not represent your personal style.

You also cannot be sure of how much gold, diamonds, and platinum will cost in the near future, which is a huge risk to take if you ask us. Make sure to buy pieces that you know you can personally feel connected to.

Always take proper consideration when buying your pieces of jewelry. It should always represent your own taste and style, as these are eternal and can even be passed on from one generation to another.

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