Incorporating the Farmhouse Style into Your House

Designing your home is an act of self-expression. It also must evoke the mood that you want to have in each room. Each style has some unique elements that make a homeowner choose it among the others.

Farmhouse style is about simplicity, practicality, and cordiality. These three things are what make this home design appealing to people. Imagine coming home to a house that speaks comfort and warmth. Entertaining guests in a farmhouse-inspired home is also a pleasure. The back-to-the-basic vibe also makes this design popular with people. It is a great reminder that you do not need the most expensive nor most modern pieces in your home. You only need functional ones. Thinking about giving this home design a try? Here are some key features you can incorporate to give your home a farmhouse feel.

Barn Board Details

Rustic barn wood wallboards are a perfect way to start with a farmhouse style to your home. You may do it one room at a time or have it in your whole home. This element fits well in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms. Barn boards add character, depth, and texture to any space. The barn wood shiplap is the most famous choice for wall coverings.

You can also use barn board on flooring details for your farmhouse-inspired home. You can even paint your floors when you use barn board as its material.

Vintage Furniture

Farmhouse style celebrates history and continuity. It is common to spot vintage pieces of furniture in a farmhouse-inspired home. Farmhouse owners use pieces of furniture that are in their families for generations. These are items that have loads of memories in them. It may be a well-loved kitchen table, bed, or even a wooden crib.

You do not have to worry if you do not have such hand-me-down furniture and wish to have a farmhouse vibe to your home. You can look at flea markets and score a great find. Use your creative eye to see which would work best in your spaces. You can also look for smaller accessories like chests, lamps, or coffee tables.

Apron Sink

People living in farmhouses are fond of freshly made food. They are the kind of people who cook from what they gathered in their plots. The trend of farm-to-table came from these people. Their kitchens are the heart of their homes, and it is always a busy nook. They also love to entertain, whether it be with family and friends. As such, a heavy-duty sink is a trusted companion for them.

Farmhouse-inspired homes have apron-front sinks in them. The deep basins help to make preparation and clean-up time easier. Homeowners value this feature for its functionality.

Open Shelves

Farmhouse owners have great collections. It could be anything ranging from the most trivial to the most valuable. But, they love to showcase some great finds and knickknacks. Open shelves, whether hanging or freestanding, are good places for such items. The open shelves also serve another function. They make it easier to reach for items, especially during preparation time in the kitchen.

Thus, when you want to bring your farmhouse style to your home, opt for open shelving. Think of what you want to showcase in these spaces. Containers with fresh flowers and framed quotations are a good way to start.

Functional and Aesthetic Containers

mason jars

Farmhouse style always marries function and aesthetics. This is evident with the containers used in this home design. There are varieties of containers that are available to give a farmhouse vibe. Wicker baskets work for almost anything depending on their sizes. It could hold bread, linen, pillows, and fire logs, among many others. Wire crates and metal pails are great alternatives for wicker baskets. They also gave the same rustic feel.

Stoneware crocks, white ironstone, and mason jars are decorative pieces. Yet, they can also hold various items. You can set them on your open shelves for display or use them to hold flowers and other items. These containers would not cost you much, but they would bring a big impact on your home design. You do not even have to worry if there are some minor cracks and chips on them. Their imperfection is what makes them appealing.

Designing your home in farmhouse style allows you to be more creative and laid-back. You do not have to put in a perfect picture of your rooms. Farmhouse style thrives in its effortless charm. A calculated look takes away the warm vibe that this style brings. Remember to always go for simplicity, practicality, and cordiality.

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