Can You Wear Activewear in the Office?

Wearing athleisure in the workplace is now an option. It wasn’t too long ago when office workers had to wear tight skirts and stilettos for women and a suit and wingtip oxford shoes for men. While those are still required in many offices and organizations, more and more companies are starting to allow their workers to wear comfortable clothing to work unless they have to face clients and investors.

And lucky for everyone, brands started to take notice of this new trend in fashionable athletic wear for the office. They’ve come up with many designs that will work well whether you’re in the gym or the office.

A Few Reminds First

Although you can wear most athletic clothing to the office, remember to avoid spandex, neon colors, flashy prints, sheer and low-cut tops, and too-tight bottoms. While these are designed to take you from the gym to the streets, they’re not designed for the office. You still need to look professional, so a sheer top will not cut it. However, if you’re on the sporty side who’s always on the go, lucky you because many athletic clothes will look good on the tennis court and in the office.

Of course, you can always bring a change of clothing the way you bring a bottle of your favorite sports drink supplements. No one will care if you need to change from your gym clothes to your office clothes or vice-versa. You can squeeze in a sports top in your bag so you can change before you hit the gym, or you can bring your suit then change in the locker room before going to the office.

However, those who prefer to be on the go need to know a few basic rules about athleisure wearing. Once you get the hang of this, you will not think twice about using your favorite gym wear in the office. No one will even know the difference if you invest in the right fabric and material.

Tunic Top

You can wear a tunic top to the gym and office. It is a fashionable top that works well with a pencil-cut skirt or tight-fitting athleisure bottoms. Just make sure that the bottoms are not too tight that you will look like you’re about to sprint on a run while in the office. You can also tuck in a tunic top to make it look more formal in the work area. The breathable fabric of most tunic tops is what makes it the perfect athleisure wear.

Traditional Prints

When shopping for yoga pants, look for a tweed or herringbone design. Stop yourself from reaching out for those leopard and flowery prints. Those will not work in an office setting. Look for prints that mimic the traditional design of most pants. Your bosses and officemates won’t know the difference. Many yoga brands tend to have vivid and wild patterns, so make sure to stay clear from these if you’re planning to use your yoga pants in the office, too.

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Casual Blazer

Any athleisure will transform into office wear when you throw a casual blazer on top. So, even if you wear a sheer top, you can turn it into office wear if you put a blazer and shawl on top. Make sure to choose a blazer made of lightweight and breathable material since some athletic wear feels warm. The material should also be wrinkle-free since you might have to fold and throw it inside your gym bag.


When working out, remove your chunky jewelry and accessories. But after working out, you can accessorize again. It will make you look a bit more polished. Athleisure wear with a cowl neck design can be accessorized with chunky earrings for an office look. You won’t be sacrificing function with style when you add accessories to your athleisure wear.

Fitted Long Sleeves

Long-sleeved tops have always been a staple in office work because the cooling system tends to be high in the office. It eliminates the need for a jacket. However, it might not exactly look okay in the gym, right? Don’t fret because there are a lot of long-sleeved sweaters made of airy material or a spandex blend that works well for a workout session. It might even look more refined than the ordinary cotton top.

So, are you ready to streamline your fashion sense? You don’t need to switch between office attire and athleisure wear if you know how to mix and match them. Just be smart about your clothing choices, and there’s no need to spend on two separate fashion items.

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