Attending a Beach Wedding? Here’s are Some Tips to Help You Dress Up

Beach weddings are typically less formal than indoor weddings, which can make you assume that dressing up for it is easier. But once you’re on the hunt for the perfect attire and accessories, the struggle begins — fabrics, jewelry, and footwear are among the things you need to work your magic on without looking over-the-top or too bland. If you’re not the most fashionista lad or lady, balancing between formal and casual can be a mind-boggling challenge.

That said, here are some tips to help you dress or suit up:

Getting Dolled Up (For the Ladies)

Knowing the wedding’s theme is the key to make your clothes-shopping easier. If it’s a casual wedding, you can wear flowy maxi dresses with bright and bold colors. You may also wear rompers if the couple allows it. If neither are your types, knee-length dresses or midi dresses will also work great, as well as long-sleeved chiffon dresses, which are perfect for protecting your skin from the sun’s heat.

Wearing pastel colors are also a good choice, but again, this depends on the theme or motif. But for all casual beach weddings, printed dresses are certainly the star, so feel free to narrow down your options to those.

Accessorizing for casual beach weddings is probably the most fun part. Bangles, hoop earrings, and beach-themed hair accessories will be given their time to shine! If you’re wearing a plain dress, use bold-colored accessories to accentuate your overall look. Tone down the accessories a bit when you’re donning a printed dress.

For formal beach weddings, printed dresses will still work, but you need to stick to stripes, floral, or sophisticated embroidery. Rompers or mini dresses with a lacework overlay also pass as formal wear. But if the theme calls for something more dramatic, a dress with ombre tones can be your pick.

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For your accessories, you’d have to stick to your golds, silvers, and pearls. If you’re wearing a dress that exposes your legs, sport a beautiful 14k solid gold anklet. It adds a boho charm without compromising elegance.

Don’t forget to choose the right footwear. Sandals, flats, loafers, slides, and mules are great for casual beach weddings, and nude heels match perfectly with formal themes.

Dressing Smartly (For the Gents)

Tuxedos definitely look awkward in a beach wedding, so omit those out of your options immediately. If you’re asked to wear a suit, choose chambray or wool blazers, paired with a linen or cotton long-sleeved shirt underneath. This attire looks crisp and elegant but comfortable in warm weather. Remember to stick to light colors, such as khakis, tans, or pale greens. Short-sleeved button-down shirts also look great for casual beach weddings.

If you’re bold enough to sport a floral shirt or blazer, then go for it by all means! You can pair it with white or any light-colored shorts that match well with the blazer.

For a formal beach wedding, go for chambray or wool blazers. To look more stylish, consider checkered or pastel-colored blazers. Never wear short-sleeved shirts and shorts to a formal beach wedding.

For your accessories, a belt with a matching color adds elegance to your attire, casual or formal. As for your footwear, loafers look great with most casual wear, as so do perforated leather close-toed shoes. Stick to formal leather shoes if you’re attending a formal beach wedding.

With these dressing up tips, you’d surely look gorgeous or dapper on your friend or family member’s beach wedding day. Remember not to overdo anything, as you don’t want to outshine the bride and the groom. Keep things classy and stylish without foregoing comfort.

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