A Guide to Male Fashion

Looking good should be a priority for both men and women. As a man, you also need to look sharp when going to work, a date, clubbing, or an event. However, most men want to look fashionable, but they often tend to do things the wrong way and affect their appearance. Here are some fashion guidelines for men:

Choose a Unique Style

You probably don’t know this, but if you take a close look at your closet, you might discover your unique style. These constitute the pieces of clothing and accessories you buy without thinking twice. Also, you can do this by looking at your photos, for instance, on Pinterest or Instagram. Look at the men you believe dress cool. That is the style you love. When you know your style, you will have an easy time when shopping.

Be Confident

Every man should be confident in anything that they wear. Even with a suit worth thousands of dollars, your look won’t shine if you are not confident. Therefore, whatever you wear, put your head high, and be proud of yourself. You will also reflect on your communication and interaction with others.

Know Your Woman’s Fashion Style

Always study your girlfriend’s or wife’s fashion; it will considerably help you when picking gifts. For instance, if you are about to propose, you should know the type of ring she prefers to avoid buying her something she won’t feel comfortable wearing.

If she loves micro-pave halo engagement rings, shop for the best and win her heart. Some women don’t appreciate men’s gifts because most men buy things out of their style, which can be frustrating for both parties.

Give Away Clothes You Don’t Need

Clutter makes you feel like you have many clothes, which can stop you from buying quality pieces that match your style. You might also find yourself wearing worn-out pieces if you don’t throw them away or give them out.

Therefore, you should consider giving away clothes that you haven’t worn in six months to one year. You can throw away or find ways to reuse the worn-out ones. This creates enough space in your closet to fill with new stylish pieces that demonstrate your sense of fashion.

Try Different Shoe Colors

men's shoesMost men wear only black and brown shoes. These colors are great as they complement different apparel, but they might be limiting your fashion sense. You should try reds, grays, blues, and any other color that looks good on you. Don’t worry too much about your belts, as a black belt can go with any shoe color, and you can always add your belt colors when need be.

Hang Around Stylish People

Not everyone around you will have a positive reaction to your change of fashion. Some might have a hard time adjusting to it and might give you negative comments that can put you out of your game.

Therefore, you should hang around stylish people who understand your fashion and what you want to achieve. They will give you constructive criticism and even connect you with the best fashion shops for men.

Wear Well-fitted Clothes

Well-fitted clothes help bring out your physique and make you look put together. Baggy clothes can diminish your appeal, and too tight clothes are uncomfortable and can lower your confidence. Therefore, always choose fitting clothing that matches your style.

A man can be both hardworking and stylish. Even as you pursue your personal and career goals, embrace men’s fashion style. These pro methods can help take your fashion sense to another level.

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