A Guide to Choosing the Right Engagement Ring

In this day and age, getting an engagement ring is a huge step in any relationship. That is why it is essential to choose the right engagement ring to mark such a momentous event for you as a couple.

A micro-pave wedding band is a great and distinct engagement ring that some people often take for granted. However, it takes a lot of work to get it done correctly. The process in producing one usually involves placing smaller stones intricately into the surface of the band. This ring style can be the most timeless and memorable piece that you will ever have.  This article will discuss other ring styles to help you make the right decision.

Simple band

A simple band is a timeless design that is perfect for people who want a subtle yet elegant look. Although it does not have a large stone, it has well-crafted scores of precious gemstones placed into the band. It will look lovely as soon as the ring catches the light in various angles.


Another ring style that uses micro-pave design is solitaire. It is excellent for people who want to be chick yet simple, especially when they are with their partners. Solitaires are often set prong style and are probably the most popular ring style available today. It gives the highest exposure to your precious rock, so having the best quality diamond cut is essential in this ring style.


Similar to solitaire, pave also emphasizes the diamond at the center of your ring. However, the pave settings, have smaller diamonds that go all around the band with a bigger diamond at its center. Experts say that if you are shopping for rings, look for one that has a diamond encrusted band and a centerpiece jewel. It is perfect for people who want a little bit of drama to their rings without appearing tacky.

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Multiple band weaving

This is a creative way to use a micro-pave trend on engagement rings. It usually comes with small precious stones woven together to create an intricate design. This engagement ring style comes in various shapes and patterns that can surely help you find the right ring for you.


Halo ring style is another excellent ring style that gives the illusion of having a bigger ring. This type of ring style has become increasingly popular for the past couple of years because of its grandeur look. It also makes a large cut diamond noticeable or can even make a natural cut stone look well refined. You can easily pair this type of ring to any white tee and a pair of jeans.

In the end, these are only a few of the original ring styles that you can choose for your engagement ring. It is best to spend enough time finding the right one so that you will not make any costly mistake. It is also highly advisable to consider your partner’s choice so that you will not get it wrong the first time.

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