How to Make Your Office a Better Place

It is practically a given that nobody truly looks forward to going to the office every day. Even if you enjoy your job, the monotonous routine can chip away at your enthusiasm and motivation. This, in turn, can have a negative effect on your performance and productivity at work.

This is why company heads continuously seek ways to make office life a bit more fun, especially in burgeoning cities like Salt Lake City. From in-house catering to fancy break rooms, offices are being given new color and life to get the most out of people. Here are some ways to spice up the office:

1. Get good food.

Everybody is happier when they are well-fed. Hence, if you have a good number of people working in the office, it could be a good idea to hire a caterer to provide delicious lunch for employees, even if for only once a week.

This will brighten their day and even give them the additional energy to be productive and work harder in the afternoon. In-office catering also provides a great convenience for everyone.

Rather than join the flood of people flocking to crowded restaurants nearby, employees can save time and effort by having lunch in the office. This prevents the possibility of arriving back late after lunch due to long queues and wait times at restaurants.

Furthermore, if anyone has any urgent tasks to accomplish, they can easily get back to work even before the lunch break is over. Having catered food can also be a way to encourage bonding among employees and serve as an incentive for performance at work.

For example, the best performing department could be rewarded by choosing the menu for the following week. As most will also be eating together in the same place, it allows more opportunities for interaction, and who knows, a bright new idea for the good of the company might spring up.

2. Provide a rest space.

Modern office with resting area

Work can definitely become overwhelming, and sometimes, we all need to take a little break. Set aside one room in the office as a quiet zone, where people will be able to rest, meditate, and even take a nap, so that they may recharge and get back to their best physical and mental state.

Many traditional offices frown upon getting some rest or taking a nap while at work. However, working while feeling stressed and swamped will not only decrease the quality of the work, but it will also lead to burnout.

A resting space allows them to take the necessary breaks needed to prevent this, as well as allows their minds to recover during the day, which can lead to better brain function and thus improve work performance.

3. Encourage encouragement.

The office can be a stress-inducing place, with numerous responsibilities and deadlines at hand. Couple that with the competition to earn a promotion and stay in people’s good graces, it isn’t difficult to get discouraged at work.

Try to combat this with encouragement and positivity. You could have a bulletin board — or wall — filled with inspiring quotes and photos of the happier moments at work.

Give your employees a reminder that their work is appreciated so that they be motivated to work harder, and promote a culture where people build each other up instead of tearing each other down. You’ll see a much more productive workforce right away.

With the right environment, you can see how much your employees can offer the company. So let’s create a workplace that keeps people happy and motivated every day that they enter the office.

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