8 Habits that Ruin Rugs & Carpeting

When properly taken care of, rugs and carpets will last for years and possibly even beyond their expected lifespan. In contrast, poor maintenance of your rugs and carpets can have them deteriorating earlier than expected, leaving you with no choice but to replace them entirely.

If you want to keep your rugs and carpets in good shape for as long as possible, here are the bad habits that you have to get rid of immediately:

1. Eating and drinking over rugs and carpets

There are too many people taking their rugs to rug restoration services because of food and drink stains, which is easily avoidable if you stop eating and drinking over your rugs and carpets. Even just a tiny crumb or a small wine stain can contribute to your rugs’ and carpets’ premature deterioration, so it’s better if you ban eating and drinking over them altogether.

2. Not cleaning stains and spills immediately

Okay, so maybe it’s unavoidable for your household to eat and drink over rugs and carpets. That’s fine, as long as you clean up stains and spills immediately after they happen. Otherwise, the stain can become more difficult to remove, and the more you have to clean the material, the more damage you deal to it.

3. Walking over rugs and carpets with shoes on

Shoes can track dirt, debris, and all sorts of bacteria from outside into the house. If these things end up on your rugs and carpets, they can cause irreparable damage and, of course, aesthetic issues that can make your flooring an eyesore.

Minimize the amount of dirt and debris that gets tracked indoors by imposing a ‘shoes-off’ policy in the house. Instruct everyone to wipe their shoes on the outdoor mats and leave them by the entryway. Ask guests to do the same as well.

4. Not using slippers

While it’s essential to avoid walking on rugs and carpets with shoes on, it doesn’t make it okay to walk barefoot on them. Why? Because the sweat from your feet will end up on your rugs and carpets, which will then attract dirt, dust, and even bacteria around it. Over time, the accumulation of sweat will manifest through stains and dark spots, which can be incredibly unsightly.

Apart from the ‘shoes-off’ policy, encourage everyone in the house to use indoor slippers or at least socks when they walk over rugs and carpeted areas.

5. Failure to vacuum regularly

vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming your rugs and carpets regularly helps extend their service life by removing dirt and dust that accumulate on their surfaces. Simultaneously, regular vacuuming increases the time between washes, which helps reduce fading and disfigurement.

Try to vacuum your rugs and carpeted areas at least two times a week. For high-traffic areas such as entryways and living spaces, you might need to vacuum three to four times a week.

6. Letting dogs inside with dirty paws

Make it a point to wipe your dog’s paws before they go inside the house. By doing so, you reduce the amount of dirt and debris that your dog tracks on rugs and carpeting, keeping them clean for as long as possible.

7. Using deodorizer powder

Although deodorizer powder can help get rid of odors, it also tends to accumulate on rugs and carpets, which, over time, can be challenging to remove. Instead, you can use cheap vodka to kill odor-causing bacteria and keep your floors smelling fresh.

8. Not getting a professional cleaning

Even with regular cleaning and a strict ‘shoes-off’ rule in the house, rugs and carpets still need to be professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Doing this will get rid of deep-seated dirt and residue, as well as help extend the lifespan of your rugs and carpeting.

If it’s been more than six months since you last had your rugs or carpets cleaned, it is high time to call in professional cleaning services.

Rugs and carpets can be costly to clean and replace, which is why taking good care of them is the best way to extend their lifespan. If you have one or more of these habits, change them immediately for the sake of your rugs and carpets. Otherwise, you can end up with ugly-looking floors that can make the entire room look dirty and unkempt.

Do you have more care tips for rugs and carpets? Please share them with us in the comments below.

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