Things to Know to Turn Your Dog to a Pet Influencer

The role of pets in homes has seen great changes. Homeowners once had pets to serve as companions or guards to their homes when they are away. A big shift happened when people started to treat their pets as part of the family. Pet owners even call themselves fur parents. The pet industry started to innovate products and services that are for pets.

Dogs are among the most well-loved pets. Even looking at one can brighten up one’s moods. Some fur parents took on this natural liking of people to dogs by turning their pets into pet influencers. This trend is not only about pictures of dogs who dress in fashionable clothes. It is also not as simple as only showing their funny antics. Being a pet influencer is more than that. Here are things you need to consider if you want your fur baby to be a pet influencer.

Get Your Pet Camera-Ready

Grooming your pet is a part of responsible ownership. But, if you want your dog to be a pet influencer, grooming becomes even more essential. You must make sure that your dog would always look good behind the lenses. You must invest in quality dog grooming shears to keep a nice trim. Choosing products that would make their fur look healthy is also a must. Beyond the superficial look, you must also make sure that you meet your dog’s basic needs. In doing so, they would be active and happy during photo shoots.

Capturing photos of dogs is not an easy feat. Some may have short temperaments. They would not always be happy to sit in front of a camera and do as you command. You can let them warm up to the idea of photoshoots by training them. You may also find your creative flair in capturing candid shots that would work best for your posts. These kinds of shots are more entertaining than staged ones.

Learn What Makes Your Pet Stand Out


Before sharing your dog with the world, you must be very specific on what you want to share about them. Learn the personality of your dog. Is your pet a natural wanderer or a quiet homebody? Your dog may have a signature trick that you think people would love. For some dogs, there are inspirational stories behind their present condition. It could be a physical defect or their rescue story when their fur parent took them in. Knowing why your dog stands out would make them an effective influencer.

The distinct personality of your dog would also help you pick a voice for them. Remember that you need to translate all those cryptic barks into meaningful content. Is your dog a carefree buddy or a strict one? You may also use your human voice and post as their fur parent. But, establishing your pet’s voice and posting as them is more entertaining.

Have a Posting Schedule

The key to being a rising pet influencer is consistency.  Have an organized schedule of your postings. For you to grow a steady following, people must know when to expect your posts. In general, posting once or twice a day would help your pet get noticed by social media users.

You can also observe timing windows to generate more engagement. Know when your followers are most active. Being a pet influencer takes commitment for you to have loyal followers. It is not a passing whim and would not be effective if you only post when you want to.

Find Your Niche

Having a niche would help you in many ways. It would establish what kind of followers you would have. It would also tell what kind of content you should aim for. Do you wish to document your daily life with your dog? You could also focus on travels with your canine. You and your pooch can choose to promote certain brands that your pet finds useful. Dressing up your dog with the latest in dog fashion is also a famous niche. A fun take would be to create a dog bucket list and let your followers take a part of your journey as you complete the list.

Whatever niche you choose, always aim for substance. Make sure that your content would make a change. Some pet influencers have charities that they support. Some promote advocacy for rescue animals, senior dogs, or animals with disabilities. Being a pet influencer is not only about garnering likes or entertaining the public. It could be a platform to raise awareness for issues that animals face.

Being a pet influencer takes careful planning and consistent execution. You and your dog could stand out among the many who wish to leave a mark in the social media world. You must only learn to use some techniques that would put you in a position to create a great impact.

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