Puppy Chronicles: The Responsibilities That Come with Getting a Puppy

Life is always better with pets. They make everyone laugh with their antics. They bring life to many people’s lives. Even sick people become happier when they see pets around.

Are you interested to have your own pet, in particular, a dog? This may excite you, but pet ownership has responsibilities you must be ready for. These include puppy training in your Jacksonville, FL, home or neighborhood. Here are some things you need to think through before getting a puppy:

Before You Buy a Puppy

Commitment is a must. Raising a puppy means you need to prepare food several times a day. A puppy will have no control of its bowel movement and peeing times so you must also consider that. You need to teach your puppy to walk early on to develop easiness outside the house.

Your puppy should also fit your lifestyle, unless you’re the one willing to make changes. Some puppies are slouches so you might want to think about having an active lifestyle. On the other hand, some puppies are hyperactive and needy. It’s best to research the breed you want and see if you’re a good match with them. You can also ask a veterinarian before getting a puppy. They can tell if the puppy you want is the right breed for you.

The type of house you live in also plays an important role. The house can be full of toxic chemicals like detergents or dangerous toys for puppies, so you should keep all those out of reach before taking your puppy home with you. Aside from that, some plants are also dangerous to puppies. Check with your veterinarian or an expert so you know which you need to remove out of the house.

When the Puppy is Home

There are different kinds of pet food in the market. Check with your veterinarian which to buy. Ask which kind of natural food you can prepare as well. Choose food that is appropriate for the breed and age of your puppy.

Your puppy will need time to adjust to its new home. They will be scared, especially at night when it can’t find its mother and siblings. Hug your puppy and put it in a quiet and safe place. Don’t worry because this will pass.

Your Continuous Commitment

dog with leather leash waiting to go walkiesTrain your puppy while it’s still young. Teach it some basic tricks for it to listen to you. Most of all, potty train your puppy early as well as teach it to walk on a leash. The sooner you do these, the better.

Treats and toys must also be appropriate for your puppy. Check the label when buying or ask the salesperson to be familiar with the product you wish to buy. Keep your puppy happy by buying some toys for playtime.

Lastly, neutering and spaying should be considered when you own a pet. Some pet owners don’t do this because they want tiny versions of their dog. Some have it done for their pets because it can decrease aggression. It also lowers the risk of illnesses in female dogs. Most neutering procedures are done when the puppy is between four to six months old.

Getting a puppy is better than many milestones in life. This is a living creature who loves and protects you. Having a puppy is having a family. Give the puppy the life it deserves when you decide you’re going to take home one.

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